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More Hair Probs For Ariana Grande

January 20, 2014

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It seems like Ariana Grande can’t catch a break when comes to her hair.  Some of Ariana’s fans have been giving her a hard time about repeating her infamous half-up/half-down hairstyle, but on Saturday she took to Facebook and Instagram to address it.

The Yours Truly singer posted a text image on her Facebook explaining the state of her hair and how it became damaged after bleaching and dying every other week during the four-year run of Victorious.

“My real hair is back to brown and I wear extensions but I wear it in a ponytail because  my actual hair is so broken that it looks absolutely ratchet and absurd when I let it down,” Ariana says telling fans why keeps it up.

This isn’t the first of Ariana’s hair woes. She recently admitted she wasn’t loving  the new weave she got recently. She tweeted at fans earlier last week saying she was ready to rip it out.

Ariana says she is now wearing a wig when she plays Cat on Sam and Cat.  At the end of the post she asked fans to give her a break as she waits for her hair to grow back healthy and strong.

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  1. Ariana fan says:

    Belle from Beauty and the beast wears it half up/half down, what’s wrong with a Disney hairstyle?

  2. Anna says:

    I agree with @Ariana fan

  3. mollyr5 says:

    Cut her a break not effecting her life is it and it’s not her fault she is the perfect role model for everyone and me

  4. Sam says:

    I love her hair!

  5. That Girl Ryan says:

    but her hair is so perf tho

  6. BOPgirl29 says:

    I love Ariana’s hair though! I don’t care if her hair is messy I just love her for who she is. And btw she is sooo much like me. I care about my hair so much! IF ANYONE goes near my hair I like literally slap them. I dyed my hair a couple times reddish-brownish and my hair did not turn out that well as I expected. BUT back to the point I LOVE YOU ARI!

  7. katiebug101 says:

    Ariana will be beautiful no matter what she does with her hair and @ariana fan you are right ! Ariana also should not have to explain this to her fans because you should be able to do whatever you want to :-)

  8. Cat Luciano says:

    I think these so called fans are not fans at all it doesn’t matter what Ariana ‘s hair looks like I love love love her hair no matter what these so called fans say agree or not what’s it to them any way ?

  9. shyannemalik says:

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  10. smileyariana says:

    Ariana can put her hair anyway she wants. She is her own person after all! :) P.S i love it <3

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