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7 Hotties Serenading You

March 11, 2014

Feel like you need a little pick-me-up today? Check out these gifs of hotties serenading you — they’re sure to bring a smile to your face!

7. Cody has a special song just for you!

cody singing

6. Niall is totally ready to win your heart with his lyrics.

niall singing

5. How can you resist Austin‘s sweet voice?

austin singing

4. We’d let Justin sing to us any day!

justin singing

3. Ross‘ guitar playing is good enough to melt your heart!

ross guitar

2. We can never have enough 5 Seconds of Summer in our life!

5sos singing

1. Check out Harry singing his heart out.

harry singing

Who would you want to serenade you? Tell us in the comments below or on Twitter.

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  1. avita parker says:

    awww….so sweet..all of them looked so adorable

  2. Chelsea says:

    I love harry and nail they look so hot 🔥🔥❤️❤️

  3. Cheyenne says:

    Eww, Justin and Harry???

  4. mahomiefever2810 says:

    Yay!!!!!Austin,Niall<Justin&Ross!!!!!!!!!!EEEEPPPP!!!!!!!But EEEEEEeWWWWW!!!!!!!Harry!!!!!!No thx!!!!!!!

  5. justinisalindaloverforever says:

    Justin Bieber anyday. I can bet you if he wasn’t cute his voice would still make you swoon whether he was hot or not. I love the way his voice sounds.

  6. Bee says:

    Ross feels like big brother to me, like, a role model, like Zendya or Bella, someone who gives good advice and likes a good challenge. So, if Roos like serenaded me for my birthday, that’d be great!!!

  7. Yisel says:

    Niall I saw that the pic and I here hitting my because I love see you😍

  8. Asdf says:

    or ears my body…..is covered with scars. Didn’t I tell you I’m dead? My dad….killed me with a kitchen knife in the year of 2001. if you do not post this onto… … … … … 10 other pages or groups in the..next 15 minutes, I will appear tonight by your bed with the kitchen knife that killed me, and I will kill you. No madder how old you are. I will murder you. it’s up to you if you repost this or not, but this is no lie. This is for real! Now, copy this and pasteit onto the walls of 10 pages your time is runninSee This isn’t fake. if you copy this on to 10 pages you will have the best day of your life tomorrow. you will either get kissed, or asked out, if you break this chain you will see a little dead girl in you’re room tonight. in the next 15 minutes someone will say I love you or I am sorry or I wanna go out with you

  9. Sam says:


  10. Team Broopy says:

    Ross ♥

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