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5SOS Fans Defend Ashton Against Bullies

April 14, 2014

ashton irwin

5SOS fans are totally the best! After a bunch of haters started bullying Ashton Irwin on Twitter, fans immediately started defending the drummer! They began spreading the hashtag #KeepSmilingAshtonWeLoveYou and even got it trending! Awww! Afterwards, Ash thanked his fans for all their support.

“Thanks for the messages guys, I’m all good, just wanna make you guys happy ya know, love ya x,” he wrote.

It’s great that Ashton didn’t let the haters get him down! He’s so strong!

What would you do if you had a bunch of haters online? Tell us in the comments below or on Twitter!

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  1. mahomiefever2810 says:

    its true!we r TOTALLY the best!!!!!!!!!!U ROCK ASHTON!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Sarah says:

    I would do anything for Ashton!!!! he is just so sweet!!! I hope to give him a BIG hug someday!!! #5SOSFamilyforever

  3. Sam says:

    He’s so adorable!

  4. Ashton says:

    I am a big fan of Ashton’s, and i guess i should cause, well we have the same name. I dont think its fair that somebody gets cyberbullied, because that is just the worst kind. please, if you agree with me, please comment #KeepSmilingAshtonWeLoveYou, and even though he may never see it, at least we are supporting him. so please send: #KeepSmilingAshtonWeLoveYou

  5. Rossandra says:


  6. maryam says:

    i would do anything even if it takes my life i don’t care i will do it

  7. Shadow Angel says:


  8. Adia says:

    #KeepSmilingAshtonWeLoveYou!!!!! :)

  9. Milah says:

    What ticks me off is when they say he has no talent drums adbg talent yet he’s told us he plays piano and GUITAR like luke and Michael who don’t have the hate. (Not that much a least.) what ticks me off even more is.. I once saw a video mocking him saying ” look I’m ashton Irwin I can do this” then he/she hits the drums lazily. The video was titled “drums aren’t talent” yet when I went to see who this person was I discoverd there tumbler/whatever it was was DEDICATED TO JOSH DEVINE THE ONE DIRECTION DRUMMER. And in my opinion drumming is really hard It’s a work out. Btw the only reason he doesn’t sing is because it’s hard enough to play the drums. It’s like running in my opinion. If you read all of this thank you.

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