Harry Styles is definitely One Direction’s biggest charmer! When we’re not too busy staring into his green eyes — on all of our posters, of course! — we can’t help but admire his amazing smile. Honestly, it’s so pretty that you’ll probably end up with a big smile on your own face just from looking at it.

So here our some of our favorite moments featuring Harry’s gorgeous grin! You’re very welcome.

1. Imagine Harry looking at you like this!
2. He’s so excited about something, and we’re pretending it’s us!
3. Never forget the “One Way Or Another (Teenage Kicks)” music video. NEVER.
4. Have you melted yet? 
5. Actual puppy dog Harry Styles.
6. Sometimes he even causes his own smile with his hysterical dance moves.
7. A big thumbs up to his totally gorgeous smile!

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