Happy 22 Birthday, Cameron Dallas!

In only 22 years, the Magcon hunk has already accumulated a following of over 15 million fans, become the face of Calvin Klein, toured around the world to meet his adoring fans, snagged the cover of TigerBeat magazine and won over the hearts of girls everywhere.

But all of Cam’s accomplishments come at no surprise considering how lovable the social media star is. In honor of Cameron’s birthday, here are 22 reasons we absolutely heart him:

1. He could keep us laughing all day.


2. He is proud of being a nerd.

3. Even when he’s busy, he makes time to say hi.


4. He always shares his thoughts and opinions with his fans, no matter how random they may be.

5. He always encourages his fans.


6. He knows what girls want.

7. He makes the funniest memes.

8. He is all of us when it comes to napping.


9. He focuses on being positive.


10. He is super romantic.


11. He is making a Netflix show about his life, so fans can get to know him more.

12. He constantly shows love to his fans.


13. He’s a Belieber, like the rest of us.

14. He understands the struggle when it comes to scary movies.


15. He has amazing style.

16. He has the best reminders.


17. He actively thinks about cute dates he could take girls on.

18. He is the absolute sweetest.

19. He is just as obsessed with Pokemon Go as the rest of us.


20. He says what we’re all thinking.


21. He makes our day and we make his.

22. He. IS. BAE.


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