Meghan Trainor stands perched atop the Radio City stage, with a vintage microphone in hand, as the sound of her mega powerful voice blares through the speakers, filling the audience.

The 22-year-old star, who is stylishly dressed in a sparkly fit-and-flare dress and over-the-knee boots, sings “Watch Me Do” to a raucous (sold out!) crowd of megatrons, who are on their feet, dancing in their seats.

The Untouchable set list, which is dotted with impressive riffs, girl power anthems – “Me Too” and “I Love Me” – and rhinestone-embellished outfits, truly shows the star in her best light: approachable, fun and wildly talented.

As she weaves seamlessly through heartfelt ballads – “Just A Friend To You,””Hopeless Romantic” – and upbeat hits – “Dear Future Husband,” “No” – Meghan proves she is not only a singer-songwriter, but a full-blown performer. And, the kind of girl you’d want to be besties with.

Lest you think the Grammy winner is too cool, M. Train always keeps it real: with full disclosure, she announces that her quick changes backstage are only achieved with the help of her mom, who is on-hand, helping the star change between sets (LOL!), before singing “Mom.”

Paying homage to our socially-connected reality, a montage of Meghan’s own Snapchat videos play in the background, while she welcomes her Dad onstage for a hilariously adorable duet to “Dance Like Yo Daddy.”

After an epic, glitter-filled drum session on stage (yes, really!), Trainor slows it down with “Like I’m Gonna Lose You,” and literally slays, as the crowd sways with illuminated iPhones in hand.

It’s easy to understand how, in less than two years, this girl next door has become a triumphant voice for teens. Before introducing “Champagne Problems,” Trainor tells the audience: “You got champagne problems? It’s ok, I do too. You got just one life, live it up. Enjoy it, ok?” The words of encouragement and positive messages Trainor delivers – through her music, her lyrics, and even her journey – are a refreshing reminder that a dream backed up with a positive attitude and lots of hard work will take you far.

Before welcoming some lucky fans onstage, the megastar thanks the sold-out crowd:

“I want to say thank you – it’s because of you that I went from writing songs in my bedroom to performing at the Grammys and winning best new artist in two years. I love you and thank you!”

Set list:

“Woman Up”

“Watch Me Do
/Me Too”

“Dear Future Husband”

“Lips Are Movin'”


“Dance Like Yo Daddy”

“All About That Bass”


“Good To Be Alive”

“Kindly Calm Me Down”

“Hopeless Romantic”

“Just a Friend to You”

“Like I’m Gonna Lose You”

“Bang Dem Sticks”

“Throwback Love/ I Love Me”

“Champagne Problems”

“I Won’t Let You Down / 1 Dance / Better”

“Thank You”


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