For years, Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens were the definition of #RelationshipGoals (like, way before hashtags were even a thing). From meeting at their ‘HSM’ auditions to becoming an item onscreen and offscreen, they were one of Hollywood’s cutest couples.

Even though #Zanessa is over and the stars have moved on, we can’t help but think about the good old days when the duo gave us LIFE. Feeling nostalgic? Check out just a few of their best moments:

1. When they sang their very first duet together as Troy and Gabriella.

It was certainly the start of something new.

2. When they performed ‘Breaking Free.’

Admit it, that duet was on repeat for a long time after ‘HSM’ aired on Disney Channel.

3. When they had cute moments like this while on set.

That would be our reaction if we were standing next to Zac, TBH.

4. When they couldn’t keep their hands off each other in Vanessa’s ‘Say Ok’ music video.

This vid had #RelationshipGoals written all over it.

5. When they made us believe they’d be together forever.

Obviously this song was intended for ‘HSM 3,’ but we couldn’t help but apply it to their real life romance.

6. When they had this iconic moment in the rain.

We just want to dance in the rain with Zac. Is that too much to ask for?

7. When they had this adorable AF moment on the set of ‘HSM 3.’

Once a Wildcat, always a Wildcat.

8. When they attended sporting events together.

Zanessa’s cuteness level was off the charts.

9. When they appeared on talk shows and simply couldn’t hide their love for each other.

We always looked forward to seeing their interactions during interviews.

10. When they posed on red carpets together.

They made such a cute couple. *sighs*

Want more ‘HSM’ moments? Check out the cast’s audition tapes!

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