If you’re not already hooked on AT&T Hello Lab’s interactive new project “Guilty Party,” get ready to fall in love with the series that will fill the “Pretty Little Liars”-sized hole in your heart.

Here’s the premise: High school student Emma transferred out after having her diary published, but now she’s mysteriously back to expose everyone who played a role in her downfall.

Viewers can follow along in real time as character profiles- featuring online stars like Alexis G. Zall, Kian Lawley, Miles McKenna and more- post videos and comment on each other’s vlogs as they search for answers and navigate dangerous rumors.

Sounds amazing, right? It is.

We chatted with stars Teala Dunn and Jessie Paege about the stories behind their characters and why this series is like nothing you’ve seen before.

TigerBeat: How would you describe your character in one sentence?
Jessie: Charlie has a lot of passion for music and friends, but is definitely misunderstood.
Teala: Tatiana is “Mean Girls” meets “13 Reasons Why.”

TigerBeat: What does being involved in “Guilty Party” mean to you personally?
Jessie: It was a moment to be on set, which I love, but we also all took it as a moment to discuss something we all don’t take lightly: Bullying. I speak out about this pretty often so I’m glad I was able to work on a project that revolves around speaking up as well.
Teala: Being part of “Guilty Party” means the world to me. I am happy to portray a role familiar in most high schools.

“I hope this will allow the viewers to receive the STRONG message that there are consequences in everything you do and karma is very real.” – Teala

TigerBeat: How was this super unique project different from work you’ve done in the past?
Jessie: I absolutely LOVE collaborating with other creators so it felt like one big super collab which is pretty unique and was really fun!
Teala: The majority of my work has been comedy. I still love comedy, but I am aiming for more dramatic roles moving forward.

TigerBeat: The series has a strong anti-bullying message. As a creator, what are some ways you handle online hate?
Jessie: I like to discuss these things with my subscribers directly and speak up for the voiceless. As someone who didn’t have a ton of friends growing up, I like to use my experiences to connect with my audience.

But I know, we've made it this far, kid.

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TigerBeat: What message do you hope viewers take away from the story?
Teala: The message I would like the viewer to take away is that bullying is wrong, lies are bad, love is wonderful, it’s okay to be vulnerable, and change is necessary.

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You can check out “Guilty Party” here!

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