Exclusive: Brooklyn And Bailey Share Their Best Back To School Advice

Exclusive: Brooklyn And Bailey Share Their Best Back To School Advice
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It’s back to school time for B&B!

YouTube’s favorite twins – Brooklyn and Bailey McKnight – have graduated high school, moved into their college dorm, and are starting a new chapter at Baylor University!

We recently caught up with the talented twosome to get the inside scoop on all things B&B! From revealing their first day of class outfits to sharing tips for getting over back to school jitters and even dishing on everything about their recent clothing line in collaboration with JCPenney and Arizona Jean Co., Brooklyn and Bailey didn’t hold back. Keep scrolling to get the 411 on all things about the twins’ college journey and be sure to keep up with their YouTube channel for weekly videos!

How did your collaboration with Arizona and JCPenney come about?
Brooklyn and Bailey: We have always loved JCPenney and Arizona! One year we met them at VidCon, and then a year later they approached us about becoming brand ambassadors for Arizona and JCP!

Was there anything about this collaboration process that surprised you?
Brooklyn and Bailey: There hasn’t been something that has completely surprised us, but we’ve been so happy with how successful the collaboration has been on both ends and with how much our audience is loving it!

You’re both super into fashion and beauty, so do you have any dreams or future plans to maybe create a full clothing line?
Brooklyn and Bailey: We both would love to create our own clothing line at some point in the future! We’ve grown up having different styles, and we think it’d be so fun to be able to personify that in our own clothing line!

So you both just moved into college, do you have your first day of class outfits picked out already? If so, can you share them with us?
Brooklyn and Bailey: Of course we do! Brooklyn’s outfit is a white cropped T-shirt with a yellow print on the front with blue and white pinstriped long pants tied in with a cute pair of hightop yellow converse! Bailey is wearing a checkered short overall jumper with a cute pink ruffle sleeve crop top underneath and black fuzzy platform sandals!

Can you describe each of your personal style in three words?
Brooklyn: street, chic, and retro
Bailey: unique, girly, trendy

Do you have any advice for young girls who are going back to school this year and want to work more on embracing their personal style?
Brooklyn and Bailey: The best advice we can give them is to just go for it! The more confidence you show in your own unique style, the more other people notice and begin to copy or love it! If you want to wear something, then do it, and do it confidently!

Going to college is a huge growing experience, especially for young women. Are you two excited to experience it together as sisters?
Brooklyn and Bailey: We totally are! It’s so nice having a sister/best friend there to experience it all with you because it makes the transition way less scary! You go into a new life knowing someone and have that built in support, and we’re so blessed to have that!

Are there any classes that you’re taking this semester that you’re particularly excited about?
Brooklyn and Bailey: Honestly, we’re both super excited about all of our classes! We’re both taking some business classes that we’re pumped about, and Bailey is taking an astronomy class that seems super fun!

Is there anything that you’re super nervous about when it comes to being away from home?
Brooklyn and Bailey: I think the part we’re most nervous about is being away from our family! We’ve always had a close knit family, and we’ve always had our siblings around to hang out with, so it’s a completely new experience for us to be out on our own without them!

Do you have any tips or tricks you can share about how you get over the first day of school jitters?
Brooklyn and Bailey: I think the best thing you can do is make sure you’re organized and have all the information you need for your classes so you’re prepared for everything! Also, reach out to people you know and make friends so you aren’t alone on your first day.

ICYMI: Brooklyn and Bailey said goodbye to their family and friends in a super-emotional vlog!

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