Meet Twin Snowboarders Devin & Barret Hendrix And Win An Under Armour Winter Jacket

Meet Twin Snowboarders Devin & Barret Hendrix And Win An Under Armour Winter Jacket
Photo by: Under Armour

Get ready for winter with Devin and Barrett Hendrix!

These 12-year-old snowboarding twins work hard every day to serve up some major girl power when hitting the slopes. And now, they’re teaming up with performance apparel brand, Under Armour, for the #CrushTheLimits Youth Outerwear campaign – which showcases young athletes that are working hard to excel in their specific sport. We recently caught up with Devin and Barrett to talk about all things snowboarding: from which event is their favorite to getting over pre-competition jitters and everything in between!

But that’s not all! We teamed up with the dynamic duo and Under Armour to giveaway five Youth Outerwear Winter Jackets. To win, all you have to do is head over to our Instagram (@TigerBeatNow), follow us, find the post below, tag three friends, and #TigerBeatGiveaway! All winners will be notified by November 15th at 8pm EST. Good luck!

“We really enjoy riding in the new jacket. They allow for easy movement and they have so many awesome pockets to keep all our stuff in for long days on the mountain.”

How did you first become snowboarders?
Barrett: When we were three and our parents put us on skis to start. That lasted one day. Our parents are snowboarders and we wanted to be like them. All of the other kids were skiing. We wanted to be different.
Devin: Our parents have been snowboarding forever. We live in the mountains so our options were to either ski or snowboard. They taught us to ride at age three and once we figured it out they couldn’t stop us.

Which is your favorite event? Slopestyle, Halfpipe, or Boardercross?
Barrett: Halfpipe is my favorite for sure. Last year I really upped my halfpipe game and I’m really excited to work on more tricks in the pipe.
Devin:  It’s between halfpipe and slopestyle right now. I think at the moment halfpipe a bit more because I have started airing out more recently and it is always super exciting getting more airtime.

What was your initial reaction when being asked to work with Under Armour?
Barrett: I was stoked when asked to work with UA and it is super amazing to be part of such an awesome campaign with other incredible athletes. I was even more excited when the jackets arrived and we were able to ride in them and give personal feedback.
Devin: When UA first reached out I didn’t think it was real. It didn’t hit me until they came with their crew and we got to film wearing all of the outerwear. That was the coolest experience and I’m so grateful that we were chosen to be featured by Under Armour.

What does #CrushTheLimits mean to you?
Barrett: To me, #CrushTheLimits means that you have to keep getting back up, every time. You crash a lot when you are learning new tricks and it hurts, but you gotta get back up and keep trying and put the fear of falling aside.
Devin: For me #CrushTheLimits means as long as I work hard and love what I do I can accomplish my goals, even if others think I can’t.

Do you have a motto that you live by?
Barrett: We always say “keep it punk rock.” It means to not take snowboarding too seriously, because it is supposed to be fun.
Devin: One motto we live by with snowboarding is to “keep the stoke alive.” That means we never forget why we do it in the first place, because it is fun and we love it. It’s easy to forget sometimes when you get scared or when you’re tired.

You two embody girl power for your generation. What does girl power mean to you?
Barrett: To me it means that we need to always support other girls because it’s such a male dominated sport. Even though we are competing against each other, we always have to root for the progression of girls snowboarding.
Devin: Girl power means being part of a sisterhood. It’s fun riding with our guy friends but when we ride as a group with our girls it’s always more fun. We all support one another and encourage each other to try new tricks and go for it.

What’s it been like to compete with your sister at your side?
Barrett: We are competitive, yet friendly, and it makes competing that much more fun. It will be so cool this year wearing our different Under Armour jackets so people will be able to tell us apart! Usually no one knows who is who, but there are so many styles and different colors that we can each have our own look to match our riding styles.
Devin: Competing with my twin is fun but we always want to beat each other. We have each other to push us to be better. If I don’t win, I hope she does. I am really pumped to have my own look this year that is different from my sister so people will be able to tell us apart! We will probably end up mixing and matching all of our Under Armour gear to make a unique look.

Do you have any tips of tricks to get over pre-competition jitters?
Barrett: It can be scary to do a competition run, so when I am feeling nervous I just pretend it is a normal run.
Devin: If I get nervous before a comp run, I try to just picture what it feels like to have stompedmy run and land all the tricks I wanted. You can’t let the fear take over.

Do you have any advice for anyone who may want to try snowboarding?
Barrett: Learn how to fall properly first. Try not to just land on your wrists when you can’t stay up. You are going to fall a lot, but you can’t let that stop you.
Devin: My advice for anyone who wants to try snowboarding is definitely get the right gear! You will be falling in the snow and standing around outside in the cold for long periods of time so you want warm, comfy jackets like the Under Armour ones. The first week is always the hardest and people want to give up. Then it clicks and you start to progress quickly. Stick with it.

What’s next for you two?
Barrett: I am going to keep Crushing The Limits! I want to qualify for bigger competitions when I am old enough and build up to be an Olympian. My goal is to not just go to the Olympics, but medal at the Olympics!
Devin: We are continuing to ride all winter with our coaches, friends and parents. At this point, we just want to progress and push ourselves to learn new tricks.

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