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December 11, 2015

QUIZ: Get Your Crush’s Attention This Holiday Season!

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What do you think of this post?
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QUIZ: What Holiday Movie Should You Watch?

December 4, 2015

QUIZ: What Holiday Movie Should You Watch?

  Yay, for holiday movies! The only problem is, there are so many amazing holiday movies, it’s always so hard to decide what to watch. Luckily this season, we are here to help! The thing that catches my eye most about a guy is his… Eyes Style Personality To get my attention, my crush Gives […]

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December 3, 2015

QUIZ: What Type Of Gift Opener Are You?

  Thomas Kuc, Hudson from Game Shakers, admits “I’m always very patient with getting my presents, so I can build more suspense, and be even more excited when I open them.” Find out what type of present opener you are! Your crush just waved at you. You… Walk up to him and say, “Hi!” Smile […]

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Santa Monica, CA - Nov. 18, 2015 - MUDD campaign girls Noah Cyrus, Stella Hudgens and Alli Simpson Kick Off the Holidays at the Ice Rink in Santa Monica, CA.
 - PICTURED: Alli Simpson, Stella Hudgens, Noah Cyrus
- PHOTO by Sara Jaye Weiss/StartraksPhoto.com

December 2, 2015

QUIZ: Who Should You Go Ice Skating With This Holiday?

  Cree Cicchino, Babe from Game Shakers, and her sister would be the cutest ice skating partners in their matching outfits. Find out who you should go ice skating with! On a family snow trip you… Stay by the fire in hope of meeting some hotties have fun, but wish you’re bestie was there. Have […]

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QUIZ: How would you spread holiday cheer?

December 1, 2015

QUIZ: How Should You Spread Holiday Cheer?

  During the holidays, Lilimar watches The Peanuts with her family. The Bella and the Bulldogs star admits, “We watch several episodes. We all get blankets and hot chocolate, and cuddle up in the living room to watch the peanut specials!” Aww, too cute. Find out how you should spread holiday cheer. At school I’m […]

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Image Courtesy of Disney Channel

October 14, 2015

QUIZ: Decode Your Crush’s Body Language!

We totally agree with the Biebs on this one: when it comes to the opposite sex, there are SO many mixed signals, we NEVER know that they mean! Lucky for us, a whopping 93% of what someone is telling you isn’t actually spoken, but it’s expressed through body language. With that in mind, we tapped […]

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October 2, 2015

QUIZ: Is Your Crush Boyfriend Material?

  Crushes are fun, but do you wonder if the hottie you have your eye on is destined to become your boyfriend? Take this quiz to find out if you should make a move, or leave him in the friend zone :) After school, my crush… Sends me a goodbye text Sends me a snapchat […]

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TIGER BEAT APP QUIZ: Your Music App Must-Have!

August 26, 2015

QUIZ: What’s Your Music App Must-Have?

  The Radio Disney app has so many amazing features – from streaming music, to streaming video, exclusive photos, and more! Take the quiz to find out which one you could not live without! Your favorite celebrity right now is… a musician an actor or actress both! Your life would be complete if your favorite […]

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August 4, 2015

Celebrity Pop Quiz with CyreneQ

We just can’t get enough of Snapchat superstar CyreneQ! She took over our Snapchat yesterday and left us questioning how well we really know our favorite celebs. Did you know one of them believes in mermaids? Find out who by watching CyreneQ’s fantastic takeover or picking up our September Tiger Beat on sale TODAY! What […]

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Taylor Style

May 2, 2015

QUIZ: Which Taylor Swift Red Carpet Look Best Represents You?

  Which one of Taylor Swift’s looks best represents you? Let’s find out! Pick a word to describe your style: Unique Girly Funky Elegant What is your go-to accessory? Killer shoes A simple necklace Rings Bold earrings You love Taylor’s style because she’s: Beautiful in anything she wears Classy A risk-taker A trend-setter What type […]

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April 28, 2015

QUIZ: How Obsessed with Social Media Are YOU?

  Are you overly obsessed with social media? Let’s find out! How many times do you post on social media daily? Once. Maybe even not at all A few times More than 5 times What is your favorite thing about social media? It’s entertaining when you’re bored Stalking celebrities Knowing what all your friends are […]

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April 27, 2015

QUIZ: Which Lead Singer is YOUR Ultimate Soulmate?

  Which lead singer are you destined to be with? Let’s find out! Your friends would describe you as: Sweet Talented Responsible Hilarious What is your favorite quality in a guy? A romantic side Gorgeous eyes A funky style Awesome hair You crush on guys who are: Funny Well-rounded Shy Mysterious Pick a color Red […]

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April 19, 2015

QUIZ: Which Member of R5 are You?

  Which member of R5 are you most similar to? Let’s find out! Your favorite sweet is: Chocolate eggs M&M’s Nerds Pie Gummy worms If you were in a band, you would be the: Lead singer Bass player Lead guitarist Keyboardist Drummer Which One Direction song is your favorite? “Kiss You” “Night Changes” “Best Song […]

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April 18, 2015

QUIZ: Which Vine Star is Your Ultimate Soulmate?

  Which Internet sensation should you end up with? Let’s find out! Your favorite food is: Pizza Burgers Chinese In your free time, you like to: Go to the beach Play sports Learn something new Your friends would describe you as: Hilarious The goofy one Adorable Your favorite color is: Orange Red Green What do […]

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April 18, 2015

QUIZ: Which Celebrity Couple Are You and Your crush?

  Are you and your crush similar to Taylor and Calvin? Or what about Ariana and Big Sean? Let’s find out! How did you and your crush meet? Through mutual friends Randomly on the street We’ve known each other forever In school How similar are you and your crush’s personalities? You couldn’t be more different […]

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April 9, 2015

QUIZ: Which Disney Channel Show Should You Star In?

  If you were to star in a Disney Channel show, which one would it be? Let’s find out! Which word means the most to you? Creative Funny Independent Curious What do you like to do on the weekends? Write songs Hang out with your BFF Relax Go on adventures Your favorite color is: Red […]

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April 7, 2015

QUIZ: Which 5SOS Single Best Describes YOU?

  Which 5 Seconds of Summer song best describes you? Let’s find out! What are you most likely to do with your girlfriends? Have a dance party Anything outdoors Stalk your crush’s social media page Play dress up with makeup Your friends would describe you as: Energetic Rebellious Caring Responsible Your favorite Taylor Swift song […]

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March 23, 2015

QUIZ: What Is Your Spring Break Anthem?

  What song best describes your spring break? Let’s find out! What are you most likely to do with your girlfriends? Stalk your crush’s social media page Spend some quality BFF time Post tons of photos to Instagram Go out on the town Which word means the most to you? Loyalty Love Friendship Independent What […]

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Insurgent Tris

March 20, 2015

QUIZ: Happy Insurgent Day! What’s Your Real Faction?

  In honor of Insurgent, it’s time to figure out what Faction you belong in! Someone is being bullied at school. What do you do? Get the name of the bully and immediately tell one of the teachers. Try to smooth the situation over so the bully backs away. Push the bully out of the […]

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March 16, 2015

QUIZ: Who’s Your Selfie Soulmate?

  Which celebrity is your selfie soulmate? Let’s find out! What’s your favorite selfie camera angle? From up above Straight on From the side What’s the first thing you do with a new selfie? Tweet it Save it to your phone Post it to Instagram What’s your signature selfie face? Smiling Thoughtful stare Pursed lips […]

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