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BOP‘s Beauty Bag

How do stars always look so pretty? Want specific makeup and hairstyle tips from the stars? Submit your question here and see if it gets published in the next issue of BOP magazine in the Beauty Girl section.



  1. GreenHelper101 says:

    I would like to know how some celebs get the smokey metalic look. In Selena’s music video “Love You Like A Love Song” she had some pretty cool make-up on.
    Christa, VA

  2. 33Kimmy says:

    How does Selena Gomez do her makeup, making it look natural?

  3. Jordan6201 says:

    I wonder how Demi Lovato has that dark make-up look to her. What make-up does she use and how does she use it?

  4. Adig says:

    I have a really curly hair and sometimes I wanna do something else beside braids and pony- tails. something that my hair wont go crazy.
    any ideas?

  5. madybug96 says:

    how do u keep ur skin so clean and makeup not run all over your face after a cople of hours??

  6. spoonkygirl says:

    I say that they should where a little makeup, like lipgloss & a little blush. Because you know what they say” More Is Less & Less Is More!”

  7. lacsac1999 says:

    What and how does Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato look so amazing? What makeup do they use?

  8. juliamichele says:

    I want to know how to do a smokey eye.

  9. anacat says:

    How do they just look so perfect?

  10. hsmith16 says:

    how does selena gome get her hair so straight?

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