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Once a week my teacher takes us to the computer lab. I sit in the back so I can go on Facebook. One day I was looking at my crush’s pictures and thought I would get away with printing a few for my binder. But when I pressed print, my crush, who was also in the library, went to the printer, too. He saw his pictures and was SO creeped out! I never told him I did it!
– Jessica, CO



  1. lovilexi2 says:

    Every sunday I go to a pool in the back of my church. Once I went and someone broke the steps to the pool so I had to hop in. Then I relized I had no idea how to get out. So i swong my leg over the pool and kicked my crush in the face. He hopped out of the pool and pushed me back in. I came out and started splashing him. then he called his friend and I was in the back of the pool they ran after me. Then they finally caught me and threw me in i got out and thats when i learned not to mess with either of them.

  2. Az8free says:

    Okay, so one day I was texting my grandma and my crush at the same time. But when my grandma had to go she texted I love you, so I replied and said I love you back. But then I noticed I sent it to my crush! Now he looks at me when I ever see him, and not in a nice way!

  3. Kelsey says:

    At a party, I was talking to my crush and I was feeling kind of sick. We kept talking and when I was about to excuse myself to the bathroom, I threw up. None of it touched him, but I was so grossed out! I left immediately and I have been avoiding him ever since.

  4. linzluvfinn says:

    once my teacher was reading us winn dixie and my friend farted REALLY loud it was so funny now every one cals her all-i-fart

  5. brook5056 says:

    one time i was at my sisters friends lake house and we went tubing and it was first time tubing and we got on the tubes and there was a storm coming and i shouted I HEAR THUNDER then my sisters friend looked at me like really u said that soo loud and i was like opps

  6. Craaazy4u says:

    Once me and my mom went shopping before school started . I saw a group of popular kids from my school , they kept on staring at me and my mom so i went a little furthur from my mom . My mom noticed something in my pants it was brown the color of poop so my mom shouted “PRINCESS YOU HAVE POOP ON YOUR PANTS ‘ but actually it was chocolate so she rubbed it and told my friends ,”MY daughter has poop in her pants . and they kept on laughing at me . & When school started the popular kids told my friends and their friends .

  7. sweetchloe123 says:

    I was so psyched when my crush invited me to dinner and a movie! When we got to the movie, I ordered a soda and some candy. Half way through the movie, I had to burp. I thought he wouldn’t hear, so I leaned over the other side and “silent” burped. It turns out the burp wasn’t so silent because he yelled out,”Ew!” and looked the either way. He hasn’t asked for a second date yet.

  8. GoMeZ LoVe says:

    my teacher red a note that me and my friend wrowt 4 each other like a chat that there was in it “the teacher is supper dump”LOL iallmoustwent to the prensebule

  9. Kagirl30019 says:

    One time, I was at the mall, and I lost my mom. I finally found, her, and started screaming at the top of my lungs, but it wasn’t my mom!

  10. Cupcakequeen161 says:

    Well I have two but i’ll save you some time. One day my friend invited me to a vollyball game. We spilled our ice cream and were hunting for napkins. We found a place that said it had napkins. I put my change in a pad came out! After we got out of the shock we burst into laughter.

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