PRETTYMUCH Drops ‘Summer On You’ Music Video

PRETTYMUCH Drops ‘Summer On You’ Music Video

We want to spend our summer with PRETTYMUCH!

The boys – Brandon Arreaga, Edwin Honoret, Austin Porter, Nick Mara, and Zion Kuwonu – just released the super dreamy and cinematic music video for their latest and greatest single, “Summer On You,” and we couldn’t be more obsessed! The video follows the fivesome as they take a break from their every day lives for a trip to the beach full of fun in the summer sun.

Interested in hearing more about the inspiration behind this picturesque music video? We recently caught up with PRETTYMUCH and talked about everything “Summer On You.” From revealing video shoot secrets to hilarious bloopers, these boys are a blast! Take a trip to the beach with PRETTYMUCH by checking out their new music video:

“This is the first music video that was filmed very cinematically, as opposed to the other ones that were more ‘run and gun’ and were bright and colorful. We wanted this one to tell a story.”

Do you have a favorite lyric from “Summer On You”?
Austin: Mine is probably ‘two jobs at minimum wage.’
Nick: I like the part when it says ‘all we’ve got is love,’ because that’s all we’ve got, you know?

What was the inspiration behind the video?
Brandon: Basically capturing that raw feeling of just having a good time, that organic feeling of love for the first time, meeting new people, and reminiscing on good memories and old summers.
Edwin: Yeah, we felt like it had a really good summer campfire vibe. Campfires are always the way to.

What’s one thing fans would be surprised to know about shooting this music video?
Brandon: Fans would be surprised that Austin actually drove, and it was a stick-shift.
Edwin: And we actually cooked those burgers and hot dogs that we were eating. We actually started chefing them up and making them on our own.

Were their any hilarious bloopers from the video shoot?
Austin: There is a video of me flipping out of the hammock. I was laying in it, and then someone was walking next to me and I freaked out, and BOOM, I just flipped out of it!

If you could tell fans one thing, what would it be?
Edwin: This one’s for you. We love you!

Can’t get enough of PRETTYMUCH? Check out this video where the boys reveal their backstage, pre-show rituals!

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