A totally “Suite” afternoon

A totally “Suite” afternoon


Are you guys psyched for new episodes of The Suite Life of Zack & Cody? Well, I was pretty excited myself, but after yesterday, I don’t know how I’m going to wait two whole days for the season premiere! Yesterday was amazing because I got to hang out on the set of The Suite Life and watch them rehearse for an upcoming episode!

When I pulled up to the set I heard someone calling my name. It was Jason Dolley and his super-sweet mom, Michelle! I didn’t know it, but Cory in the House is taped on the same lot, and as I was arriving, they were heading out for the day. So cool! Anyway, I walked in and couldn’t believe I was actually standing in Zack and Cody’s suite! Rehearsals began and Ashley Tisdale, Brenda Song, Dylan and Cole Sprouse are so, so funny. It was so cool to watch them interact behind the scenes. In interviews, they always talk about how they’re superclose (like brothers and sisters) in real life. Well guess what – they totally are!

What’s especially cool is that in the upcoming episode, both Maddie AND London are competing for the part of Sharpay in their school production of High School Musical! So is Maddie too nice to play the part? And can Brenda carry a tune? You’ll find out in what’s bound to be one of the funniest, craziest episodes of The Suite Life!

When rehearsals were over, I hung out in Ashley’s dressing room for a little bit. I was sitting on her couch when I noticed a framed picture of two adorable little girls. When I looked closer, I realized it was Ashley and Raven – yes, that Raven – from a modeling job they’d done as little kids! How cool is that? While we were gabbing about High School Musical 2 and The Suite Life, her cell phone rang. In case you were wondering, her current ring tone is “Five Minutes to Midnight” by Boys Like Girls.

After leaving the set, Assistant Editor Colleen and I met up with another High School Musical star, KayCee Stroh aka hip-hop braniac Martha Cox. She is so excited for you guys to see the sequel and she also told me that she recently shot another episode of The Suite Life! I asked her about her summer plans and she said she’s superpsyched to check out pal Corbin Bleu’s tour! Whew, what a day! I got home just in time for So You Think You Can Dance. Have you guys been watching?



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