Breaking Dawn Details from Comic Con!

Breaking Dawn Details from Comic Con!

BOP & Tiger Beat headed to San Diego for the annual Comic Con convention this weekend and we got the special look into the latest Breaking Dawn news!

The most Twi-hard fans even camped out for days just to go see their favorite stars talk about the new movie. Some lucky fans were even treated to breakfast by some of the cast this morning (we love that the cast takes care of their fans)!

Stars Kristen, Rob and Taylor all made it to the convention, and were joined by Ashley Greene, BooBoo Stewart, Nikki Reed, Julia Jones and Elizabeth Reaser.

At the special press conference, the cast spilled on everything from their favorite scenes to craziest fan stories. BooBoo even talked about how an older lady asked him to make out!

We, of course, got it all on camera and will be posting the footage in the upcoming week, so get ready to see some fun behind-the-scenes Twilight secrets! Check back to make sure you don’t miss it!

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