Exclusive: Q&A with Let It Shine’s Coco Jones

Exclusive: Q&A with Let It Shine’s Coco Jones

Disney’s newest original movie, Let It Shine, premieres TONIGHT and we invited the cast to hang out in our offices to talk about the big event. Check out our exclusive interview with Coco below!

BOP&TB:So how did you guys get into acting and singing?
Coco Jones: Well…I started when I was nine years old. I sang the national anthem at a Rams game and my mom put the video out on YouTube and it got like a million hits. One of the people who saw it was from Disney Channel and they asked me if I wanted to be apart of NBT, so of course I said yes to that. So, that was my first appearance on doing anything for Disney Channel, and after that, I did guest stars on So Random, Good Luck Charlie and then, Let It Shine.

BOP&TB: Did you ever perform on plays or concerts for your family?
Coco Jones: I did. When I was really young, like I think, first grade, we had a lot of plays for my local school called Pixie School and we did these plays. One was a barn play and I was a little chick. They were all educational. Yeah, so I did some plays and I sang America the Beautiful for both of the plays when I was younger.

BOP&TB:What was you favorite part of the movie and why?
Coco Jones: My favorite part is the finale scene. What I like about the finale scene is it is such a high-energy scene and everyone who dances is great and the wardrobe is great and it’s really one of those scenes that makes you smile. And I hope it does really make people want to find that side to them and Let it Shine, no matter what people tell them.

BOP&TB: You had some fabulous outfits, which was your favorite one from the movie?
Coco Jones: My favorite one was the outfit from “What I Said.” I had on this big tutu. It was pink and black and these tennis shoe converse heels. They were really cool and sparkly. I had this sparkly top on and this really sparkly hat and all these different colors in my hair. I had like blue, and then a feather and bedazzles, it was really cool.

BOP&TB:If you could choose anyone you want to star a movie with or record a song with, who would it be?
Coco Jones: I think, my dream role is to do a Charlie’s Angels type of thing.

BOP&TB: What do you notice in a crush?
Coco Jones: I think the first thing I notice in a person is if they can make me laugh. That’s kind of the first thing I notice.

BOP&TB: Is hard being the only girl in a cast?
Coco Jones: At all times, yes. It’s very troubling, but the one thing that makes it easier is just not change yourself to be around these guys. I’m still going to be me, so whatever. So, just makes it easier. No, I love these guys even though…nerve wrecking.

BOP&TB: So, last question. If you weren’t acting right now what else would you want to be doing?
Coco Jones: If I couldn’t do anything related to acting and singing, I would just want to be normal, maybe babysit or something.