EXCLUSIVE: BOP & Tiger Beat Contest Winner Talks to Coco Jones!

EXCLUSIVE: BOP & Tiger Beat Contest Winner Talks to Coco Jones!

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Hey BOP and Tiger Beat readers! You may remember a contest we posted online for a chance to win an iPhone 5 and a phone call with Coco Jones, courtesy of Invisalign. Well, one lucky reader, 14-year-old Dahnaejah from Florida, won and got to interview the young actress and singer on the phone. They chatted about everything from funny tour pranks to their favorite foods. Check out some of the interview below!

Dahnaejah: How was your tour with Mindless Behavior? I saw the show in Alabama.

Coco: Oh yeah? It was really, really cool. I think I learned a lot about things that I would like on my own tour. They had some really cool lighting, and their dance moves were on fire, so it was really cool. Did you hear about the pranks that we did at the end? OK, so I started off the prank war, because the whole time it was all talk — all talk and no play. So I was like, “You know what? Let me just end this off right.” I had a pillow full of feathers and glitter, and I was going to hit Ray Ray with it, because he was the one that was talking the most. The thing comes down, and I hit him with it, but he did some Michael Jackson stuff and slid under the glitter, and then it just all got on me!

Dahnaejah: Oh, wow!

Coco: I was so mad! Yes! It was all over my face and everything. Luckily, I was performing, so it looked like it was part of my outfit, but it was ALL over my face. Then, I hear these footsteps, and all of the guys come running in with different foods. They had a giant bowl full of trail mix, and another of those straws you use to stir your coffee, and all this other stuff. And they just threw it everywhere. It was ridiculous!

Dahnaejah: Who inspires you to sing?

Coco: I’m really inspired by powerhouse singers like Jennifer Hudson and Mariah Carey. But I also like people who are really good at reinventing themselves. Like Madonna. I don’t really know a lot of her songs, but I know that she’s still very current. And she’s been current for a long, long time. And Justin Timberlake. I look at him, his career, from a Disney kid to being mainstream and acting in all these movies. I really look up to him in that way. Those are just some of the people.

Dahnaejah: Do you have any favorite foods — anything you couldn’t live without?

Coco: Yes! I love food. It’s a shame. I love food so much, that’s why I have to work out all the time! But, I’m southern, so I like the country stuff. I like fried chicken. I like mashed potatoes with gravy. I don’t like cornbread, which is weird, because I feel like I should. My grandma knows how to make all that stuff from scratch, so I’m like, “Why don’t I like this?” Mac and Cheese is my everything. It’s my heart. Those are just some off the top of my head.

LOL! Seems like they had such a fun interview. What do you think? What would you have asked Coco? Share with us in the comments below.