Tyler Blackburn Spills on His Return to Rosewood!

Tyler Blackburn Spills on His Return to Rosewood!

"Pretty Little Liars" Celebrates 100 Episodes
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The 100th episode of Pretty Little Liars will be airing in just six days — EEK! This episode is bound to be filled with some crazy plot twists and exciting new information on the notorious ‘A’. But we’re even more psyched for this episode because Caleb, one of our fave PLL hotties, is making his return to Rosewood — YAY!

Tyler Blackburn is sharing some important details about his character, Caleb, in the 100th episode. Tyler spills that Caleb is having a tough time after what he went through in Ravenswood, and that all the trouble in Rosewood isn’t helping his situation.

“Caleb’s time in Ravenswood has messed with him greatly. He’s questioning his sanity, what life is, what’s real and what’s not. So he comes back to Rosewood, and he’s just overwhelmed. He’s angry, he’s confused, he’s sad, he’s mad — all these things. He has a dark side now that he really didn’t have before,” Tyler spills. Let’s hope things get better for Caleb ASAP!

As for Caleb and Hanna’s relationship, Tyler reveals that things aren’t looking too good. Hanna has been happy with her new BF Travis and Caleb accepts that. But don’t freak out yet, Haleb fans! Tyler seems to think that Hanna and Caleb will find their way back to each other — AWW!

“I know that when Caleb first comes back, he sees that Hanna’s trying to be happy with Travis. He wants her to be happy, so he lets that happen. I think Hanna will always be in love with Caleb, but things might not happen exactly the way the audience wants. We don’t see each other, then immediately run to each other and start kissing,” Tyler reveals.

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