Behind the Scenes With “Girls’ Night In” Star, Sierra Furtado!

Behind the Scenes With “Girls’ Night In” Star, Sierra Furtado!
Image Courtesy of Sierra Furtado

A tour bus full of glam-obsessed Youtube stars? Check.
Thousands of fans interacting with their favorite vloggers IRL? Check.
More fashion, fun and beauty than a girl could ever dream of? CHECK!

Is this real life? Well, yea, when you’re on tour with the stars of the “Girls Night In” tour! Tiger Beat sat down with Youtube sensation, Sierra Furtado to get the scoop on her adventures, advice, girl power & more!

By: Allison Chesky

Tiger Beat: Tell me about the tour: it must be interesting, 5 girls on a bus.
Sierra Furtado: We were all friends before. We started YouTube at the same time and grew together, so it was really cool to tour with them. After the first two shows we didn’t really know what the audience feedback would be since it’s such a new thing – the first tour like this, with all girls – so we didn’t really know what to expect. It’s crazy how many tweets we get a night!

TB: What tips and tricks did you pick up from the other girls that you’d apply to yourself?
SF: I learned that they all have their own talents and they are unique in their own way. I also realized how hard they all work to achieve all their goals.

TB: What new cities were you able to visit, and what were your favorites?
SF: Chicago, Detroit, Texas. It was awesome to visit our fans all over and get a glimpse of their lives. I loved Chicago, it’s really pretty and Boston. We went shopping on Newbury Street and it was so cute. I definitely want to go spend more time in Boston.

TB: How is life on the bus!?
SF: It’s really fun! I never thought I’d be on a tour bus, it’s so weird. Our first night the bus broke down at 4am, so that was interesting. We decorated our bunks, I have a One Direction poster from Tiger Beat.

Image Courtesy of Sierra Furtado

Image Courtesy of Sierra Furtado

TB: After experiencing Girls’ Night In, what’s your ideal girls’ night?
SF: Just hanging out at home, watching netflix with my girls.

TB: For fans who may have missed the tour, what are the top 3 take-aways from “Girls Night In?”
SF: Just the friendships which we all got to share with our fans and each other, spreading a positive message can be so helpful to so many people. Youtube has enabled all of us to be able to reach and connect with so many people across America, and throughout the world.

TB: Is there an important message that hits home with the tour?
SF: The whole show is about girl power. Just somewhere these girls can come and have a good night away. That’s what our videos are for – to have 10 minutes where you can be happy and smile, and this is just a real life version of it.

TB: What’s next after the Tour?
SF: I have so many things going on: I have my own special-edition Prom Dresses coming out in the spring, I have a new series on Awesomeness TV “Beauty and The Vamps” and, most of all, I will be posting more videos as I have fallen behind while on tour.

We can’t wait to see what Sierra is up to next!
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