Dove Cameron Talks Beauty and Body Confidence

Dove Cameron Talks Beauty and Body Confidence
Exclusive TigerBeat photo shoot

Gracing the cover of our Summer Beauty Issue, Dove Cameron is truly a beaut – inside and out.

The self-professed mascara addict wasn’t always so sure of herself, though – and revealed how she finally came to love (and accept!) every single thing that makes her unique.

TigerBeat: Have you always felt confident in yourself going makeup-free?

Dove Cameron: Definitely not! I wore a lot of makeup during school. I will fully admit that it was just because it’s fun…

But there was also a part of me that really wanted to wear makeup all the time [when I was younger], because I felt like I wasn’t beautiful underneath it. I’ve really made peace with that since then, and I’ve grown to appreciate my face without it.

TigerBeat: When you didn’t feel beautiful, how did you overcome it?

Dove Cameron: Honestly, it’s just getting older and loving yourself. It’s really maturing and understanding that there is more to life than looking good. The things that you value that make you beautiful are not the things that the girl to your left, make her beautiful. Like there… it’s just literally realizing that there is only one of you, and why waste it on trying to be a certain way. It’s just time. If you give it enough time, I totally believe that everyone will arrive there.

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