Sofia Carson Dishes On Writing “Love Is The Name!”

Sofia Carson Dishes On Writing “Love Is The Name!”
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Sofia Carson released her debut single, “Love Is The Name,” and we’re already obsessed! She sat down with Tiger Beat to talk about what went down in the studio — it was magic from the start!

TigerBeat: Tell me about the writing process of “Love Is the Name”?

Sofia: “It was inspired by an original song – the (5:18) track – and when I heard the song, we just fell in love with the beat the rhythm, and it was so infectious. I loved it from the very start.”

TigerBeat: So how did you decide to make that song your single?

Sofia:“It was a collective decision between the two labels, the team, and myself. I think the fact that the original song was such a global hit already helped a lot, because that melody is very infectious and already in people’s minds. We also loved that the song sounded so global, and that’s what we want with my music. We want it to be global and very international sounding. We all thought it was a terrific track because I’m a dancer, and dancing is who I am as a performer.”

As for being in the studio? There’s nothing like it!

“When you’re inside that studio it’s like no one exists besides you and the song, and you are kind of trapped in that world for a while. When you know that you finish the song and feel good about it, it’s really, really special. Some songs you just click with. I really clicked with “Love Is The Name.” The session was really quick, and it was easy, and it was exciting for all of us. I knew something special was coming from it.”

We’re so thrilled for Sofia, and can’t wait to hear more music!