Secrets From the iCarly Set!

Secrets From the iCarly Set!
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Remember Carly and Sam’s chick experiment that was a complete disaster? Well, we finally know what happened to those baby chicks!

Six little chicks — Yoko, Huevo, Shelly, Omelet, Poachy, and Benedict hatched super early, causing quite a bit of chaos on the 2008 “iHatch Chicks” episode. Carly and Sam had no choice but to ask Spencer and Freddy for help. All the chicks escaped, except for one.

Fans have been speculating about that lone chick for years, and now there’s an answer! YAS.

In a crazy turn of events, Spencer found himself in a heating duct…and then the chick ended up in his mouth. Seriously?!

But there’s a happy ending! Spencer eventually coughed up the chick (gross) on his way home, but it wasn’t a live chick:

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