Jake Miller Takes Over NYC With His Fans

Jake Miller Takes Over NYC With His Fans
Courtesy of Jake Miller / instagram

Jake Miller is the gift that keeps on giving.

After performing sold out shows in both Los Angeles and New York City, the “Good Thing” singer found yet another way to keep fans on their toes. While visiting NYC, Jake took in all the tourist attractions via a sightseeing bus, and brought fans along for the ride! #goals

In honor of his success and highly-anticipated music video with Simone Biles, Jake was honored at a special Ride of Fame Induction Ceremony. He even got his own personalized seat on a double-decker tour bus!

Traveling around the city, Jake snapped plenty of pics and performed acoustic versions of songs from his ‘Overnight’ EP. Based on these photos, we think it’s safe to say he had a great time.


Please excuse us while we check out every tour bus in NYC, in the hopes of finding the one with Jake’s seat.

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