Dove Cameron Spills Everything You Need to Know About Her New Bellami Collab

Dove Cameron Spills Everything You Need to Know About Her New Bellami Collab
Bellami Hair

All your hair goals are about to be MAJORLY ACHIEVED.

Your fave Disney darling Dove Cameron is a new ambassador for Bellami hair, and she spilled all about what to expect from her exciting new collab! Check it out.

TigerBeat: Tell us all about what you’ve been working on with Bellami!

Dove: I’m designing my own extensions and I’m adding my own individual platinum color! I hear a lot of girls who want to get my exact platinum hair color, but it’s very hard to find in extensions because to dye your hair that color is quite damaging so extensions don’t really hold up, but Bellami’s hair is super strong.


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I’m also adding a few new colors and broadening the range they have available. They invited me into their salon, told me to take a look at their color wheel and wanted to know what I felt like was missing. I added a couple colors, especially for some of my friends who I know can’t find their exact espresso brown and things like that.

“There are a couple surprises that I think are going to be more fashion than practical, but I’m really excited about them because I listen to my young fan base and what they want to wear, and I know that it’s not always out there for them. We got really creative this time.”

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TigerBeat: What do you love most about wearing extensions?

Dove: I’m a very girly, over-the-top, feminine, dramatic girl, and that’s exactly how I became an actress. I like to transform myself, I like to be a million different people. That’s just kind of a human thing. I see all my fans posting about having two moods with pictures of someone in very black, dark, dramatic colors with high heels and spikes, and then on the next day it’s someone in soft, pink sweaters, wearing ballet flats. I was exactly the same!

“I change my looks and I don’t always feel like the exact same person every day.”

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I really feel like hair, especially these days when the options are getting so much broader, is just an extension (haha) of how these girls are getting ready.

“Girls are wearing extensions to school, girls are wearing extensions for prom or just to even go out. It’s a part of their beauty regime now in a way that used to be exclusive to makeup.”

It’s fun, especially for girls who are looking up to people on the red carpet. Someone like Zendaya has beautiful curls one day, and then she has a bowl cut, and then the next day she’s wearing a pixie cut. Same with me! Some days I’ll have a short, blunt haircut, and the next day I’ll have it down to my lower back. It’s a fun way to transform yourself, and it’s a bit like a costume.

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TigerBeat: What message do you want to send through the products you create?

Dove: I want to send a message of freedom of expression with beauty and the ability to find yourself through transformation, and design yourself.

“Don’t be afraid to experiment with your looks and feel comfortable creating the person you want to be.”

TigerBeat: What else should we know about what’s to come for you and Bellami?

Dove: This first line of extensions is not the end of it, and extensions might not even be the end of it. I’m a very girly girl and I love to give my fans tools to help them feel like the best versions of themselves.


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