Exclusive: ‘To the Beat!’ Stars Jayden Bartels, Laura Krystine and Brisa Lalich Spill Behind-the-Scenes Secrets

Exclusive: ‘To the Beat!’ Stars Jayden Bartels, Laura Krystine and Brisa Lalich Spill Behind-the-Scenes Secrets
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Get you dancing shoes ready: We’re less than a week away from the March 13th premiere of “To The Beat!”

The movie is jam packed full of amazing guest stars (hello, Alyson Stoner, Devon Werkheiser and many more!) and amazing music, including the characters’ competition song “Dance for Love” by Chris Trousdale, which you can stream now.

We chatted with stars Jayden Bartels, Laura Krystine and Brisa Lalich about what really went on behind-the-scenes and why the message of the movie is so important. Check it out!

TigerBeat: How would you describe your character in one sentence?
Jayden: An insolent, competitive and jealous teen who is surprisingly an amazing dancer!
Laura: Mackie is very fun and relatable and loves her family more than anything.
Brisa: Mia is a very sweet, fun loving and intelligent 14-year-old who loves her sister Mackie.

TigerBeat: What was your favorite part of playing your character?
Jayden: I have never played a mean girl so it was so fun to be super sassy for once. I got to explore new sides of me as well!
Laura: My favorite part of playing Mackie was playing opposite of Brisa (who plays Mia, my twin in the movie) because we’ve been friends since we were six years old so it was literally the best time ever on set!
Brisa: It was fun to bring my character Mia to life and to pretend I had an actual twin sister who happens to be one of my real life best friends.

Brisa Lalich and Laura Krystine as Mia and Mackie”

TigerBeat: How are you similar to or different from your character?
Jayden: We are similar because we both love to dance and are very competitive. However, we are also very different because my character is very blunt and sometimes comes off rude and doesn’t try to hide it, and I am polite and easy to get along with! 
Laura: I’m very similar to Mackie, because I love to dance, I love my family and I love to compete!
Brisa: It’s pretty cool as I feel I have a lot of similar characteristics to Mia. I love tap dancing, love my extended family and have a lot of fun with my close group of friends.

TigerBeat: What was the best part about being on set?
Jayden: The best part was definitely the cast and crew. They are like my second family! They are so sweet and I had so much fun filming.
Laura: The best part about being on set was that I got to work with a lot of my friends like, Jaheem Toombs, Jake Brennan, Kelly Grace and Trevor Larcom!
Brisa: Getting to share the scenes with one of my best friends, and I always enjoy making new friends and memories on set.

Jayden Bartels as Avery

TigerBeat: Can you share any behind-the-scenes secrets?
Jayden: When we were filming a scene at the mall, it was freezing cold, and between takes we would wrap ourselves in a blanket and drink tea!
Laura: A fun little BTS secret is that the giant unicorn head mask seen in my bedroom in the movie is actually mine. Sloane Siegel gave it to me for my birthday.
Brisa: One of the secrets was you would never guess during which months the movie was filmed by the way we were dressed.

TigerBeat: Tell us about the awesome choreography you learned for the film! What was it like filming the dance numbers?
Jayden: The choreography was so good and filming it was a blast. It was a little tiring but still super fun. 
Laura: It was super fun learning the choreography! Chris Trousdale, who played himself in the movie, was our choreography and he was super fun to work with! He let us kind of put in our own little touches in the dance.
Brisa: The choreography was exciting, and I got to work with a choreographer I had worked with in the past when I was younger. I had a unique experience having to learn all the dances in tap shoes.

Brisa Lalich and Laura Krystine as Mia and Mackie

What do you hope people learn from the movie?
Jayden: That they should remember to stay confident but be humble at the same time, and that anyone can follow their dreams with some hard work!
Laura: I hope they learn that friendship and sisterhood overcomes everything.
Brisa: I feel the movie really does an awesome job of building on friendship and family values which can go a long way in real life.

TigerBeat: Why do you think people will love “To The Beat!”?
Jayden: Because it is so funny and it will make you smile and it is so inspiring.
Laura: There’s so much to love about this movie, there’s truly something for everybody. There’s dance, family, friends, and after you watch the movie you may even ship some characters together.
Brisa: The movie has something for everyone- it’s a teen dance movie mixed in with a great family story. I think the movie will make you laugh and cry and you will fall in love with all the characters.

Jayden Bartels as Avery

You can pre-order the movie now on iTunes and Amazon and catch it March 13th!

In the meantime, check out these Jayden dancing videos that will make your jaw drop.

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