Lizzy Greene Dishes on Being a Role Model, When She’ll Drop Her Debut Single and More

Lizzy Greene Dishes on Being a Role Model, When She’ll Drop Her Debut Single and More
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Catch up with Lizzy Greene!

After maturing right in front of fans’ eyes on Nickelodeon’s ‘Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn,’ the 14-year-old fashionista — who’s nominated for a Kids’ Choice Award in the Favorite TV Actress category this weekend — is all grown up and ready to take on the world one smile at a time!

Want the inside scoop on all things Lizzy? Keep scrolling to find out what it *really* feels like to be a role model to millions of fans, when she’s releasing her first-ever song and more!

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A lot of young girls see you as a role model. What does that feel like?
Lizzy: It’s something that’s so important to me. Some people in this business overlook it and don’t take it responsibly. But people are looking up to you. I’m so happy that I am [a role model] because I can teach people about how important it is to be kind and sweet, and I can use my platform to bring light to causes and charities that are important in life.

Growing up, was there somebody in the industry you looked up to as a role model?
Lizzy: Ellen DeGeneres was one of my first role models, and she always will be because she’s such a nice, kind person. She takes time out of her day to help people, and she finds comedy in good things, not at other people’s expense.

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You have such a positive perspective! How do you maintain that outlook?
Lizzy: This is what I say: Don’t let little things knock your Jenga tower over. Focus on the positive things that will build it up. Keep building it up higher and higher, and don’t let people pull out the blocks.

Have you always wanted to be an actress?
Lizzy: Honestly, I never pursued this, completely, fully, and honestly. I never told my mother, “I want to be on TV. I want to be on Nickelodeon one day. I want to be famous one day.” Those words never came out of my mouth. When I did get the opportunity to go on NRDD, I never even thought anything would come of it!


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You sing as well as act. Can fans expect a debut single anytime soon?
Lizzy: I think acting is my focus right now. But I started in singing, so I would definitely love to have a singing career. I’ve been professionally training as an actor for the past four years, so I will definitely continue that for now. But I’m not ruling out music in my future.

You’ve accomplished so much at such a young age. What has been the most memorable moment?
Lizzy: When I got nominated [for my first Kids Choice award]. That was definitely a high for me because I was nominated in the “Best Female Actress” category along with huge names like Jennifer Lawrence. To this day, that’ll always be one of my very, very, very first “pinch me” moments.

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