Max & Harvey Dish on Their Signature Dance Moves and More

Max & Harvey Dish on Their Signature Dance Moves and More
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Catch up with Max & Harvey!

The laugh-out-loud funny and jaw-droppingly talented 15-year-old British twins who’ve been harmonizing together since age five are here to stay — and always here to play along the way! Before hitting the road for DigiTour alongside some of our favorite stars (like Jayden Bartels, Caden Conrique and more!), the dynamic duo dished on everything from how they came up with their signature dance moves to what it was like meeting Liam Payne.

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“No matter what happens, we will always be working hard.”

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How did you gain millions of followers on social media so quickly?
Harvey: Everyone loves music. So that was a good thing for us to have a talent in! And we caught on to the social media train just at the right time.
Max: The ridiculous humor that we have as well. That’s just how we are in real life, and I think people can tell when you’re being who you are on camera and off camera. It really makes a difference.

How would you describe your music?
Max: Our sound comes from a mixture of inspirations: Ed Sheeran’s sound meets Shawn Mendes lyrics, but with a sort of EDM pop vibe to go along with it. We’re definitely inspired by people like Shawn and Ed!

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Would you ever consider pursuing solo careers?
Max: Probably, when we’re a lot older.
Harvey: I think we’ll always stick to the same profession [in the entertainment industry], whether we do it together or separately. I could see us being joint DJs, doing TV and acting or presenting! You never know really.

Is it easier to perform onstage, knowing your brother is right there next to you?
Max: Definitely. Having someone else there takes the pressure off, and he has my back if something goes wrong.
Harvey: I lost my voice during the main stage show at VidCon in Amsterdam. It wasn’t one of my finest moments, but Max stepped in and sang the higher parts. It was still pretty atrocious, but I can’t imagine what I would’ve done if I were up there alone.

How did you come up with your signature dance moves?
Harvey: It started because we basically said, “Right, so we can’t dance.” We just want to make sure people are having a good time at our shows, so we started doing all these random things onstage, like the windmill and our other signature moves our fans seem to love.

You taught Liam Payne how to do one of your moves at the BBC Radio1 Teen Awards. What was that like?
Harvey: That was our first proper interviewing job we ever had, and Liam was the first person that we spoke to on the red carpet. We didn’t know what to do, so we just winged it, and he genuinely was one of the nicest, friendliest people we’ll ever meet!

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