5 Times Saryna Garcia Wowed Us With Her Dance Skills

5 Times Saryna Garcia Wowed Us With Her Dance Skills
Courtesy of Saryna Garcia / Instagram

We are so inspired by Saryna Garcia and her incredible dancing skills!

The 14-year-old dancer and actress is making waves in Hollywood for her exceptional dancing abilities, and one look at this awesome teen’s dance moves and you’ll be able to tell why! Saryna is super passionate about dancing, and every time she dances, totally impresses us! Check out her all time best dance videos!

1. Super hip! Saryna isn’t just skilled in one style of dance, but hip hop is one of her favorites! In this super cool clip, Saryna totally rocks this choreography! We’re so impressed.

2. And more hip hop! Woah, this dance to Drake’s hit song ‘God’s Plan’ is incredible! We don’t know how she does it, but Saryna is so talented!

3. Jazzy dance moves! Woah, this video will blow you away! Saryna dances to everyone’s favorite song ‘The Middle’ by Maren Morris, Zedd, and Grey in this video that features moves that are more typical of jazz style dances.

4. High energy! We’re totally loving this high energy dance! Our favorite part about watching Saryna dance? Definitely how you can tell by the smile on her face when she dances how much she loves to!

5. She’s ‘so good’ at dancing! Saryna puts her heart into every dance that she does, it’s no wonder that she’s such an exceptional dancer. This dance is so cool!

Saryna, along with many other celebrities, recently celebrated International Women’s Day! Check it out!