Beauty Guru Bretman Rock Dishes on New ‘Babe in Paradise’ Highlighter Palette

Beauty Guru Bretman Rock Dishes on New ‘Babe in Paradise’ Highlighter Palette
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It might not be summer yet, but you can still get your island-girl glow on with Bretman Rock‘s brand-new highlighter palette!

The beauty guru famous for his out-of this world confidence has racked up nearly 10 million Instagram followers and almost three million YouTube subscribers, and he’s just getting started! At only 19-years-old, Bretman has teamed up with Morphe to launch the tropical Babe in Paradise palette with a signature brush at Ulta Beauty locations across the country, and we couldn’t be more obsessed.

His latest and greatest go-to product is inspired by his life in Hawaii, and to celebrate it hitting store shelves for the first time last week, he gave us the inside scoop! Keep scrolling to catch a tutorial of Bretman using the jealousy-inducing line and to get the 4-1-1 on all things Babe in Paradise:

What inspired you to create Babe in Paradise?
Bretman: I started the project when I was in high school and I really think this represents that time. The school that I went to is specifically very diverse. I really just wanted to make a palette that embraces diversity and makes everyone feel great.

How do you want people to feel when they use your product?
Bretman: I just want them to feel like a babe in paradise! I know that sounds cliche, but I want people to put it on and feel like they’re at a beach feeling confident. Paradise.
What was the creation process like? Is there anything fans/followers would be surprised to know about what really goes into the behind-the-scenes of the palette?
Bretman: The palette itself took two years to make. People think it’s just picking out colors, putting your name on it, packaging it and sending it out. It’s not. We went through so many changes and formulas, I just wanted it to be right. It’s definitely not easy!
Is your collaboration with Morphe a dream come true?
Bretman: It’s absolutely a dream come true. I think my palette itself is a “pinch me” moment. It’s something I’ve always wanted to do. I’ve always wanted to make products. I worked on it, I built it from the bottom up. My palette is a month old, but I still fangirl everytime someone tells me they’re wearing it. My name gets to be part of someone’s makeup routine. That’s so cool! 
For those who don’t know how to use the palette, can you give a few tips and tricks to applying highlighter?
Bretman: Highlighters are often used for the high points of your face, and I think people stop at their cheeks. Don’t stop there! You should highlight the high points of your brow, your nose, and your chin.
What’s your favorite thing about makeup in general?
Bretman: I think my favorite thing about makeup is the fact that it’s basically confidence in a product. I think some people rely on makeup to make themselves feel better, feel more beautiful. I just like makeup because it’s like you have confidence in your hands.

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