Group Posting App Crunchet is Bringing Teen Activists Together in a Whole New Way

Group Posting App Crunchet is Bringing Teen Activists Together in a Whole New Way
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There is no shortage of social media platforms to choose from when it comes to sharing your stories, but apps like Crunchet are true diamonds in the rough.

We chatted with co-founder Denise Holzer about how this new must-have app is harnessing the power of group posting and amplifying the voices of teens around the world.

Here are five things you need to know about Crunchet.

1. It lets you post as a group using content from all your social media.
On Crunchet, a post- called a crunch- can be created by multiple users adding content from multiple sources, from existing social media posts to links to articles and resources to Spotify playlists to camera rolls… you name it!

“Our goal is to bridge the gap between the last decade of passive social network voyeurism and posting about yourself or a brand, by making it easy to collaborate with others on making meaningful content,” Denise said. “We wanted to make a platform that would inspire people and movements – the next generation is all about collaboration and depth.”

2. It was the Official Social Media Partner of the Women’s March and March for Our Lives.

“Both movements were the first to have been completely driven by social media, and the result has been a global amplified voice,” Denise said. “We were really honored to be a part of that and to help participants have a better way to share their meaningful, personal stories, collaborate with friends and other activists and connect all the sister marched together on one app.”

Celebrities like Veronica Dunne joined in on documenting their experiences via the app, posting updates in real time and linking followers straight to voter registration pages.

3. Its central focus is on helping social media users tell stories together.

Crunchet wants to help users combine their social media strengths to create depth to their stories. You’ll see everyone’s side of an experience, through the specific platform that lets them express it best, all in one place.

“We started Crunchet because we thought it would be fun to be able to collaborate with your friends from any platform,” Denise said.

Users can ask to join in on a post (the creator chooses whether or not to approve them so there’s no trolling or unwanted content), or they can invite anyone following them to add to a group post.

4. Its next big moment is happening at Coachella.

If you can’t make it to Coachella and want to catch the best recaps, or if you’ll be there and want to combine all you fave memories and moments in one place- Crunchet is the place to go.

“Influencers are fans of Crunchet’s group storytelling because it’s the only social channel that allows you to select content you’ve already posted on other social platforms and add new content – like your favorite Spotify playlist or YouTube video – and share it as a group post for anyone to join the story.”

5. The possibilities are endless.

From fashion to extreme sports to gaming (they just added an awesome Twitch integration for streamers), the app makes it easy for anyone to share their interest with the world with a level of convenience and collaboration you won’t find on any other platform.

You can grab the app here!

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