The Ultimate Throwback Thursday Playlist

The Ultimate Throwback Thursday Playlist
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We have a soundtrack you can Instagram your #TBTs to!

It can be stressful enough to try to find the right photo to post for your ‘Throwback Thursday’ post. We wanted to take some of that chaos away by creating a playlist you can dance to and one that will help you replay all your favorite memories!

So put down your phone for a few and enjoy a dance party. It will help you relax and will get you ready for the weekend!

1. Shake It Off- Taylor Swift

2. Best Song Ever- One Direction

3. Get Back- Demi Lovato

4. Love U Like A Love Song- Selena Gomez

5. Fixed- New Hope Club

6. Sweatshirt- Jacob Sartorius

7. SOS- The Jonas Brothers

8. Baby- Justin Bieber

9. Best of Both Worlds- Hannah Montana

10. The Way- Ariana Grande