In Real Life Opens Up About What They’ve Learned After Their First Year as a Group

In Real Life Opens Up About What They’ve Learned After Their First Year as a Group
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Time flies when you’re having fun!

It’s been nearly a year since the boys of In Real Life took him the crown on ABC’s ‘Boy Band’ last summer, and after dropping bop after bop (including their latest and greatest, “How Badly“) over the past couple of months, it’s safe to say that Sergio Calderon, Michael Conor, Chance Perez, Drew Ramos and Brady Tutton have come a long way since then.

In a recent interview, the talented five-some opened up about all the life lessons they’ve learned along the way. From what surprised them about the music industry to the key to maintaining a positive outlook and everything in between: keep scrolling for IRL’s 411!

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Drew: I think the biggest thing I’ve learned is definitely to take everything day-by-day and appreciate every moment.

Chance: I would say one of the most valuable things I’ve learned is to enjoy everything that’s happening around you. Sometimes things happen so fast, it’s hard to take a second and soak it in, but that’s something that’s extremely important. Don’t take any moment for granted.

Michael: The biggest thing I’ve learned from the past year is to always thing about the greater good. It’s easy to get caught up in the moment sometimes, but it’s important to remember what you’re doing this for.

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Brady: The main thing that really surprised me that I learned over the last couple of months is how much of the collaborations you hear on the radio are due to the artist walking up to another artist and saying hi. I always thought that when you hear a song on the radio that has a different artist on it, that the collaboration happened because their managers called each other and said “Let’s have our clients do a song.” These collaborations happen because one artist walks up to another at a red carpet or a party, becomes homies with the other artist, and they decide to do a song. No matter how famous someone is, they are people so they’d much rather you just treat them as such and talk, as opposed to having your managers or record labels work it out for you.

Sergio: Having determination and being able to give up lots of things is also very big in the music industry. But at the send of the day, this is what we love to do and we have so much fun working everyday.

In case you missed it, the boys recently opened up about what it was really like writing “How Badly” together!

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