Max & Harvey Reveal The Craziest Thing That Happened On Tour

Max & Harvey Reveal The Craziest Thing That Happened On Tour
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It’s always a good time on the road with Max & Harvey!

After wrapping up DigiTour: Arctic Lights alongside some of their besties (like Jonas Bridges, Jayden Bartels and more), the laugh-out-loud funny twins — who just recently scored a major record deal — stopped by our office to give us the inside scoop on all things touring.

And even though they admitted that the entire experience was one fun-filled day after the next, there was one memory they’ll never forget:

Harvey: On tour, we did it two times, where we basically attacked the tour manager with silly string and we filmed that both times. And then at the end of the last show, all the working crew came up, because we were getting a picture with the crowd, and all the crew came out and just attacked us with literally about thirty barrels of silly string. The merch girl, Taylor, when she ran out, because Max and I pour water over our heads at the end of every performance, she slipped on the water, went flying towards us and smacked into the speaker. She was fine, and it was so funny!

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