Sabrina Carpenter Teases Upcoming Album

Sabrina Carpenter Teases Upcoming Album
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Sabrina Carpenter keeps teasing us with new music, but we want it right now!

The 19-year-old just announced her new single, “Almost Love,” but she’s also opening up about her upcoming third album!

In a recent interview, Sabrina talked about her writing process revealing that she’s been working on this album for a little over a year saying that she’s been able to find inspiration anywhere and everywhere. One big teaser Sabrina dropped was that there will be some features on the new album! We can’t wait to see who the blonde beauty has been working with!

“I always say that if you’re writing and it makes you feel something, whether that feeling is excitement or it makes you feel nostalgic, it could be any sort of feeling at all, then there’s a connection there and I think that connection translates into the song and into the music.”

ICYMI: Sabrina also shared a playlist of her all-time favorite songs!