10 Things You Didn’t Know About Daniel Seavey

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Daniel Seavey
Zack Caspary

We’re officially ‘hooked‘ on our Summer 2018 cover stars, Why Don’t We!

In honor of our obsession, we’ve gathered ten things you definitely didn’t know about the band’s very own Daniel Seavey. Scroll down to see how well you really know this popstar!

1. He got his start performing music around the streets of Portland! Daniel and his Dad would travel there to perform for the city’s art walks!

2. Before WDW, he found success on “American Idol”! Daniel auditioned for the 14th season of the show and made it to the top nine!

3. He can play nine different instruments! Daniel knows how to play guitar, piano, cello, recorder, saxophone, drums, violin, viola and bass- wow!

4. He has tons of solo music from before WDW! Daniel’s solo music includes all his performances from “American Idol” and features in other songs!

5. He has three siblings! Daniel has two brothers named Christian and Tyler and one sister named Anna!

6. He can surf! Daniel hit the waves back in October!

7. He sees the Beatles as a huge inspiration! Daniel isn’t afraid to show his love for other artists and take notes!

8. He graduated high school last year! Daniel is a proud member of the Class of 2017!

9. He loves science! Daniel is a self-proclaimed science lover- he’s always looking to get his hands on new gadgets and things to explore!

10. He credits his Dad for keeping him humble! Daniel’s Dad is a pastor, and the singer is thankful to have him as a presence in his crazy life of fame!

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