Indiana Massara Spills Behind the Scenes ‘Chicken Girls: The Movie’ Set Secrets

Indiana Massara Spills Behind the Scenes ‘Chicken Girls: The Movie’ Set Secrets
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Indiana Massara is spilling all her secrets!

This 15-year-old playful pop princess is dropping bop after bop until she reaches the top! And to celebrate all her well-deserved success, we recently caught up with the awesome Aussie.

She gave us the rundown on everything she’s been up to: from “Chicken Girls: The Movie“set secrets, the key to her goal-worthy all-red Instagram, and more. Keep scrolling to for the inside scoop on all things Indiana!

“I honestly don’t believe in dreams. I believe in being able to achieve your dreams. Hard work got humans on the moon, so why can’t hard work get me somewhere just as big?”

How did you get your start on Brat?
Indiana: I originally auditioned for another show called Attaway Appeal. I went in, read lines, and the director of that was like, “Hey, I really like you. Do you also want to do this thing called Chicken Girls?” I was like, “Yeah. Sure, why not? I’m not doing anything else this week.” Two seasons and a movie later and we’re here!

How did you find out it was being turned into a feature film?
Indiana: We were actually at a table read, the primary cast of Chicken Girls, and we had no idea—we really didn’t know what we were walking into. They sat us down and gave us our script, and it was a lot bigger than normal! “So we’re filming a movie,” they said. “Should we start next week?”

What’s one on-set secret fans would be surprised to know?
Indiana: We always fight over the snacks. We’re always like, “No. I want the last hot Cheetos!” All the time. That and Cheez-Itz! We picked up a lot of behind-the-scenes vlogging, and our lives are pretty much an open book on video, so they’ll see those when they come out.

Rooney and Rhyme back at 4:30 Tuesday’s 🐣💛

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What’s your favorite thing about acting?
Indiana: You can go one day from being this supersweet, innocent girl, and then the next day you could be playing this super-mysterious person who doesn’t show any emotion—it could be polar opposites of the scale. Any role that people throw at me, I’m happy to take the challenge!

How would you describe your music?
Indiana: There’s such variety to it, but I would definitely say it’s pop with an urban edge.

What are you trying to express in your debut EP?
Indiana: It’s a journey. I definitely want to show people who I am through my music. There are definitely parts that people don’t see of me. So I really want my EP to embody who I am as a person as well as things that I’ve gone through, like a breakup or falling in love.

Baby girl❣️

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Will you ever change your Instagram theme?
Indiana: It’s definitely something that I’ll eventually transition out of and shock everybody with a new theme, but I’m always going to have an aesthetic!

How did red become your power color?
Indiana: You never really think a color or what you wear could really impact you, but it does. When I look at the color red, I’m just like, “Yes. You’ve got this, girl. You go!” It’s become my thing. Everybody has their thing, and red has just become the thing that makes me feel happy and brings my confidence out.

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