The Limelights Can’t Get Enough Of Why Don’t We’s ‘Talk’

The Limelights Can’t Get Enough Of Why Don’t We’s ‘Talk’
Zack Caspary

The Why Don’t We boys dropped their newest single, “Talk,” and everyone, everywhere is obsessed!

The five boys – Corbyn Besson, Jack Avery, Daniel Seavey, Jonah Marais and Zach Herron – surprised fans with this brand-new jam and the fans are totally loving this bop!

To celebrate Why Don’t We’s new song, we went on Twitter to find some of the Limelight’s best reactions after listening to “Talk,” and the tweets we found definitely will not disappoint. Check out the eight best fan reactions, here:

1. If the Limelights tell you to buy “Talk,” you have to buy it!

2. Okay, we’re totally obsessed with this remake of the single art!

3. We’re just as excited for the Why Don’t We album as this fan!

4. Last time we checked, they were number two on the charts, but with fans like this there’s no doubt the boys will hit number one!

5. This fan has her dad loving the new single!

6. After we listened for the first time, we asked ourself the same question!

7. Don’t worry, once they listen to the song, they’ll forgive you!

8. This tweet totally sums up all the Limelight’s feelings on “Talk”!

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