10 Times Lexi Jayde Had The Perfect Insta Backdrop

10 Times Lexi Jayde Had The Perfect Insta Backdrop
Courtesy of Lexi Jayde / Instagram

This girl is the definition of Instagram goals!

Lexi Jayde has proven that she can do more than just sing – she is the queen of finding the perfect Instagram backdrop for all of her pics!

From posing in front of a wall of polaroids to laying down in the grass with nothing but palm trees in the background, here are ten pictures to inspire your next Instagram post!

1. Kisses for days!

2. Those polaroids are way too cute!

3. Who knew wrapping paper could make for the perfect background?

4. Balloons, unicorns and penguins, what else could you ask for?!

5. Chasin’ waterfalls!

6. Because who doesn’t love a bathtub photoshoot?

7. Palm trees, palm trees and more palm trees!

8. Who knew rollerblades could create such an awesome backdrop?

9. Nothing beats a classic white brick wall!

10. Where can we find this street art like this?

If you can’t get enough of Lexi, watch her cover ‘Best Part’ with Greg Marks here!