Exclusive: Anna Cathcart Spills on the Deleted ‘TATBILB’ Scene She Wishes Made it Into the Movie & More

Exclusive: Anna Cathcart Spills on the Deleted ‘TATBILB’ Scene She Wishes Made it Into the Movie & More
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Anna Cathcart is spilling all her behind-the-scenes set secrets!

We recently caught up with the totally talented 15-year-old “To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before” actress, who is one of 19 influential teens being recognized in this year’s 19under19, to get the inside scoop on the teen rom com everyone’s still talking — and obsessing — about.

Want the 411 on all things Anna? Keep scrolling to find out what she thinks of the internet crushing (and crushing hard) on castmate Noah Centineo, what really goes on in the Covey sister group chat, which deleted scene she wishes made it into the movie and more!

Did you expect “To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before” to blow up in the way that it did?
Anna: No, definitely not. I hoped people would love it, because I love it, but I didn’t know it was going to be like this and as big as this. There are so many people who can’t stop talking about it, and it makes me so happy! Even stars who I’m a huge fan of like Millie Bobby Brown and Hailey Baldwin are talking about it. I freaked out when I saw those. I was screaming!

What do you hope fans take away from the movie? Is there a deeper message?
Anna: One message that I love is that you don’t have to change who you are just because other people might think so. My family and I noticed it when we were watching – and it doesn’t happen in a lot of moves – but Lara Jean never changes, never has that big glow-up makeover moment where she walks in the hallway and everyone turns and then she gets the guy. She just stays herself, the same quirky, lovable Lara Jean.

How do you relate to your character, Kitty?
Anna: There are definitely some similarities between us. I’m very big on being yourself and just expressing who you are and not really caring about what other people think. I wish I had Kitty-level confidence though!

What was it like working with the rest of the cast?
Anna: That was the best part! We became so close, we’re a big huge family. And even though I was younger than everybody else, they treated me just like one of the gang, as an equal. We’d hang out on and off set all the time. We would go to their apartments or we would just go out for sushi, or hang out, do whatever.

Do you still keep in touch?
Anna: We definitely still keep in contact! We have our Covey Sister group chat that we’re always texting, and we can tell each other anything, like we’ll be sending each other ugly selfies, and just doing whatever, we’re still really close so it’s super fun.

What do you think of Noah Centineo being named the internet’s new boyfriend?
Anna: It’s super funny! All of my friends at school are freaking out, they’re like, “You know him?” Yeah, they’re very excited, and like to ooh and ah over him all the time. And I can’t blame them, why wouldn’t you?

Which scene was the most fun to film?
Anna: There are so many! But I really like when the sisters are like fighting or running around the bed, and we’re hitting each other with our unicorn stuffed things. We bonded so much over that, and that was such a fun time. We named the unicorn, that we were hitting each with, Rodolpho! I also love the kiss scene when Peter and Lara Jean are watching the movie and it pans out and I’m there too, that was super fun. Or the car when I first meet Peter with the yogurt drink and everything, that was also a good one. I mean honestly, they’re all so memorable!

Were there any scenes that you filmed that didn’t end up making it in the movie?
Anna: There was one where Kitty and Lara Jean are eating breakfast by themselves. They’re home alone, and they’re just sitting there at the kitchen counter, eating cereal. It was such a simple scene but it was so hard for me and Lana to keep a straight face. We just kept laughing, looking at each other and cracking up. We were eating Lucky Charms and whenever she wasn’t looking, I would pick out the marshmallows from her bowl and keep eating. It was really cute! I hope they release it one day.

How do you feel about doing a possible sequel?
Anna: I’m beyond excited! I wish we could start tomorrow. I really, really, really hope this happens, and I hope it happens soon. I just want to be back together and the director and the whole cast and crew. It would be a dream to get back together and do it all again. I also really hope if there is a second one, Kitty gets a puppy, because in the book Kitty gets a puppy, and that only seems right for her to get it in the movie too!

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