EXCLUSIVE: Navia Robinson and Issac Ryan Brown Dish On Upcoming ‘Raven’s Home’ Musical Episode

EXCLUSIVE: Navia Robinson and Issac Ryan Brown Dish On Upcoming ‘Raven’s Home’ Musical Episode
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Get ready for the musical episode you’ve all been waiting for!

We recently caught up with the young stars of Disney Channel’s “Raven’s Home” – Navia Robinson and Issac Ryan Brown – to get the inside scoop on the highly-anticipated musical episode that’s premiering tonight!

Want the 411 on everything “Raven’s Home: Remix”? Keep scrolling to find out what these talented teens had to say about performing on set, their biggest challenges from filming, and more!


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Having a vision of Friday’s #RavensHomeRemix. We think it’s gonna be AWESOME!

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What was your first reaction when you found out there was going to be a musical episode?
Navia: It started off as something that wasn’t really confirmed. It was just this little rumor throughout our set, and then it was finally, actually confirmed and there was a script on the table. And that’s when I realized it was real, and I was very excited for it.
Issac: When we did finally get the scripts, I was like: ‘Oh gosh, what if I mess up? What if I don’t sing right? What if I get the dance moves wrong? What if I can’t do this, can’t do that?’ But it ended up turning out very, very good.

Did you face any challenges with performing in this episode or was it a chance to show off your passions?
Navia: It wasn’t really a challenge, I think it was just mostly us overthinking it, or personally, I felt like I overthought it a little bit because I was just like: ‘I want this to be good. I want to be part of this when I see the final product’, and I was. It was challenging because we put this extra weight on ourselves that probably isn’t there sometimes during scenes because we want to impress everyone else. But we also want to impress ourselves, we want to be proud of what we see, and I think that was my challenge throughout the week.

What was the best part about filming this episode?
Issac: Our choreographer, Willdabeast, spent time to get to know us, to get to know what our swagger was. Basically, what we were like so we could incorporate that into our dance and I really appreciated that, because it turned out awesome. He was helping us –
Navia: Asking us what we might want to incorporate, what we felt comfortable with, and what was our character. We knew our character, of course, well.

What’s the message you want viewers to take away from this episode?
Navia: I advocate for Tess; the character’s ability to play a role that’s more conventional for Booker’s character. So, it’s about equality.
Issac: It definitely has a lot to do with standards that we set on ourselves. Everyone automatically assumes because it was about Spitz that it had to be about a boy who wanted to play basketball, when in reality the perfect girl was right in front of him the whole time. So like Navia said, it’s really about equality.

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