6 Dancers We Can’t Stop Watching

6 Dancers We Can’t Stop Watching
Courtesy of Nicole Laeno / Instagram

Dancing to the beat of their own drums!

These talented teens are taking on the world — and taking over social media — one dance ­move at a time! Keep scrolling to catch six teen dancers we just can’t stop watching, and make sure you pick up our Winter 2019 issue (on stands now!) to catch even more info about how they got started in the industry, their all-time favorite songs to jive to and more.

1. Kaycee Rice

“Being able to express myself through movement without having to say a word [is my favorite thing about dance]. I love being able to tell stories through dance and I am very passionate about it.”

2. Amanda LaCount

“The biggest challenge about being a dancer has been changing people’s minds about what a dancer should look like. That’s why I created my hashtag #breakingthestereotype.”

3. Sheaden Gabriel

“My go-to song to dance to right now is “Right My Wrongs” by  Bryson Tiller. I love how slow it is but it has so many beats.”

4. Connor Finnerty

“When I saw Michael Jackson perform the moonwalk on YouTube, I was probably 7 years old. I didn’t start dancing for three more years, but I knew at that point I loved music and dance.”

5. Nicole Laeno

“The best part of dancing is the feeling that it gives you. I can be a very shy person so it’s great to be able to play any character or be anything I want to be when I dance. It’s a great feeling!”

6. Will Simmons

“My favorite style of dance is popping and hip-hop because that’s the style I first learned. Popping has always been a love of mine, but I found that I had to master hip-hop as well. Believe it or not, but I also love contemporary! There is something so special about being able to show raw emotion.”

And dancing isn’t the only thing they’re good at! In case you missed it, give Connor’s single, “A Million Degrees,” a listen.