Jace Norman Dishes On Hitting Epic ‘Henry Danger’ Milestone

Jace Norman Dishes On Hitting Epic ‘Henry Danger’ Milestone
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Jace Norman is getting real about his time starring on Nickelodeon show “Henry Danger“!

In case you missed it, this Nickelodeon original TV series – starring the 18-year-old actor as Henry, a young boy who finds himself as a newly appointed superhero sidekick – just hit a major milestone becoming the network’s longest-running live-action series to date.

To celebrate the show’s epic accomplishment, we got a chance to catch up with Jace and talk everything “Henry Danger.” Keep scrolling to see what he had to say about everything from how he’s changed over the last five seasons to his favorite behind-the-scenes moment and everything in between!

“When you know you’re going to make a Nickelodeon TV show, you’re thinking one of THE Nickelodeon shows…I never thought that we would make it further than them.”


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We’re filming the 100th episode of Henry Danger this week!

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How would you say your life has changed since starting “Henry Danger” five seasons ago?
Jace: I mean, completely changed. Just because it’s also been like five years. It changed my life as far as my career goes, and it changed my life as far as who I am. I just kind of grew up on set. It completely changed my life, for sure.

How would you say your character, Henry, has grown in five seasons?
Jace: He’s kind of just grown with me. It’s like as you get older, you get new experiences and you become a different person which then affects the way that you play your character or your scene. For sure, I grew up alongside Henry.

What originally drew you to the role?
Jace: He’s also just so similar to me that it’s just I go into it. I think that’s probably what made me get the role. Obviously it’s going to be similar to me in some fashion, especially playing someone my age. It’s just like he’s kind of just playing a teenager who’s getting thrown into this situation and that’s kind of similar to what I was doing in a way. It’s kind of just that same energy.

What does it feel like to be part of the longest running action show on Nick?
Jace: It feels weird because I grew up watching “iCarly,” and “Drake and Josh,” and “Victorious,” so to make more episodes than them feels weird because I’ve always just looked up to them.

Do you have an all-time favorite moment from all five years?
Jace: I remember, our producer brought some other [stars] like Ariana Grande, and Drake and Josh, and having them on set watching me was just like a reversal thing and that was the moment where I was like, ‘whoa, this is crazy.’

Was the vibe on set different when filming the 100th episode?
Jace: Yeah. We were excited. It was kind of like a little bit of a relief because it’s like a milestone. It’s like we made it this far, our hard work paid off. We had a little party. It was fun.

What’s one thing fans would be surprised to know goes on behind the scenes?
Jace: People don’t realize how much work goes into everything. Just like a production is hundreds of people who are putting in their everyday work. It’s so much work. I think the amount of people that it takes to make one thing is what people don’t realize. The whole crew is behind every show.

What would you say is your biggest professional accomplishment since starting the show?
Jace: I think 100 episodes is something, it’s one thing to be on a TV show, but it’s another thing to make 100 episodes. I think I would have to say that. Also producing the movie I did, it was a pretty big deal for me because I’ve always wanted to get behind the camera. It’s hard to say, but probably the 100th episode. That’s just crazy.

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