Grace Vanderwaal Reveals if She Plans to Continue Acting After Upcoming Film ‘Stargirl’

Grace Vanderwaal Reveals if She Plans to Continue Acting After Upcoming Film ‘Stargirl’
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Is Grace VanderWaal putting her music career on hold for acting?!

According to the 15-year-old powerhouse vocalist, music is her passion and she’ll never stop! In a recent interview, Grace – who recently dropped her latest and greatest single, “Stray” – not only dishes about her experience filming the sure-to-be amazing movie, but how she’s evolved as an artist as well!

And when it comes to acting, she reveals that for now “Stargirl” is the only role she plans to take. But who knows what the future might hold!

“I loved making the movie, like almost too much! It was definitely one of the best experiences of my life, but I don’t think I’d want to do it again and I don’t think I’d pursue acting. Maybe I’d do a movie years from now again.”


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that’s a wrap…. woah. i genuinely with all my heart have no idea how to even explain these past couple months of my life. i always thought i was missing something. i gave up trying to make friends or even have a conversation because i was so incredibly exhausted from giving my all, trying my best to connect with people and never succeeding. i was nervous about making this movie because i knew a lot of the cast would be around my age and that scared me. i am new. i am genuinely a different, better version of myself coming out of this. i am so sad and still drying my eyes about it ending but also incredibly grateful for what this has done for me. i’m normal, i’m not missing anything, i just needed love and acceptance to gain some social confidence. thank you. thank you to my now lifelong friends.

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Grace is taking fans and followers behind the scenes of the “Stray” music video!