Exclusive: Johnny Orlando Reveals His Favorite ‘Teenage Fever’ Track

Exclusive: Johnny Orlando Reveals His Favorite ‘Teenage Fever’ Track
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Which “Teenage Fever” track is Johnny Orlando‘s all-time favorite?!

Following the release of his debut EP — which we’ve literally been playing on repeat 24/7 since it dropped last week — we caught up with the talented 16-year-old singer to find out. According to Johnny, his answer changes with his mood!

“It’s hard for me to say anymore because “Last Summer” used to be my favorite, but I listened to it like 500 times…if you listen to anything too many times and you’ll start to get bored of it.”

We don’t know about you, but we could never get sick of “Last Summer.” It’s such a bop! But when it comes to his current favorite, Johnny says it’s a tie between “Deep Down” and “Waste My Time,” which he likes for different reasons:

“[With] “Deep Down,” it’s a very like real feeling. It’s a feeling that I think most people have gone through: knowing you’re still missing but you’re fronting anyways. So I like that one lyrically…I have fond memories of making it. And for “Waste My Time,” that was another very fun session. We worked with some people from Sweden and the UK, so that was really cool. And I really like the chorus melody!”

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