The Creator of “Andi Mack” Teases a Possible Movie Spin-Off

The Creator of “Andi Mack” Teases a Possible Movie Spin-Off
Courtesy of @andimacktv / Instagram

Is there an “Andi Mack” movie in the works?

Fans were devastated when they learned the third season, which came to a close last week, would be the groundbreaking Disney Channel series’ final, but during a recent interview, the show’s creator Terri Minsky revealed that it may not be goodbye after all! She’s itching to revisit the fan-favorite characters, like Andi Mack, Cyrus Goodman, Buffy Driscoll and Jonah Beck, that we’ve come to know and love.

Do we blame her? Definitely not! We’re keeping our fingers crossed that the good hair crew makes a big screen debut sometime soon.

“I would love to do an “Andi Mack” movie at some point…I want to get back with those characters, I want to get back with that cast, I want to be back in that world. But as my mother always said, ‘You should leave a party when you’re having fun.’ And we had so much fun.”

In case you missed it, this is how the cast said goodbye to “Andi Mack.” x