The Belles Announce Upcoming EP ‘Nobody Knows Me Better’

The Belles Announce Upcoming EP ‘Nobody Knows Me Better’
Courtesy of @bellesmusic / Instagram

New music from The Belles? Yes, please!

Just a couple weeks after dropping their most recent single “Beautiful Girl,” the mother-daughter country music duo — currently on the road with JoJo Siwa on the D.R.E.A.M. Tour — took to social media with an exciting announcement. They’re releasing an EP!

And if we know anything about The Belles, we know to expect that the upcoming project “Nobody Knows Me Better” will feature oh-so-empowering lyrics, seriously-smooth harmonies and so much more. Let the countdown begin! September 6th can’t come soon enough.

“We are so excited to finally let everyone know our new EP is DONE and it’s coming out Sept. 6th!!! Thank you to everyone who’s been listening to #BeautifulGirl already, we can’t wait to share the rest of these songs with you!”

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