13 Things You Didn’t Know About Asher Angel

13 Things You Didn’t Know About Asher Angel
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Asher Angel has major star power!

The newly 17-year-old made his big screen debut earlier this year as Billy Batson in “Shazam”, captured the hearts of fans all over the world as Jonah Beck on “Andi Mack,” and recently hit the road with In Real Life for the for u Tour. But how well do you really know the actor and singer? Here are 13 things that you might not know about the mutli-talented teen!

1. The first time he met Zachary Levi was at the “Tangled” premiere. He told us that Zach is a goofball and that they even have a lot in common. Asher also said he’s like a big brother to him!

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2. He’s wanted to act since he was five-years-old. The star’s mom said that he would imitate his family when he was four or five. After, his mom told him that if performed at 30 local musical theater and professional theater shows, they could go to LA and that’s what happened. Asher’s mom was an actress, so he’s taken after her!

3. He’s been acting for longer than you might think. His resume includes TV shows and movies like “Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders” and “Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn.” He’s also been in the movies “Jolene,” “Hate from a Distance” and “How do you do that Voodoo?”

4. Asher presented alongside Sabrina Carpenter at the 2019 Billboard Music Awards. Sabrina even sings the “Andi Mack” theme song!

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5. He and his entire family moved to Utah for three years. “Andi Mack” was filmed in Utah, so Asher and his whole family moved there during filming. He moved from Arizona to L.A. and then to Utah!

6. Michael Jackson was a major inspiration to his music career. During a recent radio interview, Asher opened up about wanting to connect to people through his music, including latest single “One Thought Away.”

7. He leaked his phone number for his birthday. Yes, you heard that right! Asher wanted to thank all his fans for the support, so for his 17th birthday, he leaked his phone number. And FYI: i’s still in his Instagram bio!

8. If he had one superpower, it would be flight! He told us in a recent interview that he would love to explore the world and fly around, and we can’t blame him!

9. In between recording music, he likes to play ping pong. In one of his studio session vlogs, Asher takes a break to play ping pong with his friends and family. Sounds like a nice break to us!

10. He went to Cabo with his family and Annie LeBlanc. He even made a recap video where he he showed off all the fun they had skateboarding, fishing, snorkeling, horseback riding and spending time with everyone. Too fun!

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11. Asher tried doing ballet for a few months. He once revealed in an interview that before “Andi Mack” got picked up by Disney Channel, he was training for “Billy Elliot, The Musical” on Broadway. He trained for about five months, and he said he was getting better, but he isn’t quite there yet!

11. He and his family also went to Lima, Peru. They did a bunch of super cool things: playing with llamas, meeting local children, climbing Machu Picchu, trying new foods and even saying hi to new fans.

13. He’s not afraid to try out new clothing styles. Asher’s Instagram is filled with lots of colors and patterns, all mixed together. He makes it look too fun and easy!

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