Fun Facts: Meet Nia Sioux, Connor Finnerty & the Rest of the Cast of Brat TV’s ‘Sunnyside Up’

Fun Facts: Meet Nia Sioux, Connor Finnerty & the Rest of the Cast of Brat TV’s ‘Sunnyside Up’
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Get to know Brat TV’s newest cast!

Nia Sioux, Nina Lu, Connor Finnerty and more of our all-time favorites are joining forces on screen for “Sunnyside Up,” and we couldn’t be more excited! The coming-soon show brings a fictional story thought-up by Rhyme (from “Chicken Girls“) to life, and follows Lily and her newfound friends as they form an unconventional girl gang on Sunnyside Court. The group attends a wacky new-age high school where all kinds of fantastical, colorful characters come to play — and where the tea never stops flowing.

Keep scrolling to meet the sunny faces of the series before it premieres on Tuesday, December 3rd at 6pm EST!

Name: Nia Sioux
Character: Lily
Fun facts: Lily’s dad travels all the time, and Nia’s parents used to live in Singapore! She can dance with her eyebrows. She prides herself in her mac & cheese making skills. She’s the middle child, with both an older brother and a younger brother. And she was once in an off-Broadway show!

Name: Nina Lu
Character: Mila
Fun facts: She can relate to how artistic her character is! Nina is currently taking a college-level art class in school. She used to have four pet chickens. She practices Ballet. She loves Pho. And she speaks three languages: English, Mandarin and French!

Name: Kaycee Rice
Character: Avery
Fun facts: She’s quirky, just like her character! She likes to call herself a “weirdo.” This is her second-ever acting job, and first time working with Brat. She once got to design her very-own Nike shoe. She’s the youngest of three siblings. And every year for New Years’, she rides motorcycles in the desert!

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Name: Rita Angel Taylor
Character: Opal
Fun facts: Her favorite color is mint green! She’s obsessed with dogs. She was born in Brazil. Her favorite ice cream flavor is cookies & cream. And she’s an actress, musician and singer!

Name: Connor Finnerty
Character: Otis
Fun facts: His character is super artistic but IRL, he can’t paint to save his life! He was in a Michael Buble music video called “I Believe In You.” He once built a computer with his Grandpa. He’s been dancing since he was 10-years-old. And he loves Chinese food — especially chicken chow mein!

Name: Chase Liefeld
Character: Zane
Fun facts: Chase plays basketball and can dunk! Growing up, his nickname was “Mini Shaq.” Even though he took Latin classes for two years, he’s not quite bi-lingual. His favorite food is sushi. He’s a Gemini. And this past summer, he traveled to Italy and climbed the infamous volcano in Pompeii!

Name: Sam Partida
Character: Pearl
Fun facts: She’s the polar opposite of the character she plays! Pearl is super girly, and Sam is super tom-boyish. She has an older sister, who a lot of people mistake for her twin. She graduated high school early, at only 16-years-old. She grew up playing sports. And she went on her first-ever tour this past summer!

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