The Best Gifts to Get Everyone in Your Family This Christmas

The Best Gifts to Get Everyone in Your Family This Christmas
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It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

But deciding what to get your family can be totally tricky. While you’re curled up under a mountain of blankets, hot cocoa in hand, scrolling through your Instagram feed, we did the hard work for you.

We rounded up the best of the best presents for the whole family: moms, dads, sisters and brothers. Plus, we made sure they were things that they were guaranteed to love! Ready to play Santa for the day? Keep scrolling for our top gift picks!


1. A brand-new camera:
Your sister will love capturing her memories instantly with this modern-take on a polaroid camera. We love this digital twist on a classic trend! And the best part? With the Polaroid POP Instant Digital Camera, you can add filters, stickers and texts from photos you take on the colorful lil’ camera AND print pics from your phone. Too cool!

2. A set of unique makeup brushes:
Makeup is all about self-expression, so why not give a personalized gift to help your sister achieve her dream look? Storybook Cosmetics’ Secret Garden set is giving us major fairytale vibes. What’s not to love?!

3. A relaxing himalayan salt lamp:
Help her prioritize wellness! We’re obsessed with this lamp that doubles as an essential oil diffuser. According to Pure Enrichment, the combination of salt therapy with your favorite essential oils helps boost your mood, increase energy levels, relieve seasonal illness, and stress.


1. An easy-to-use Bluetooth speaker:
Whether he’s the life of the party, or just likes to chill with music alone, help your brother jam out with this JBL speaker. Fun fact: this is the exact speaker we use to behind-the-scenes of all our TigerBeat 2 Second Challenges — like this one with Hayden Summerall & the cast of “Next Level” and this one with the New Hope Club guys!

2. This awe-inspiring space projector lamp:
Give your brother the whole universe! This lamp will project the prettiest constellations on his ceiling — meaning he can literally fall asleep under the stars. DREAM. COME. TRUE!

3. A portable charger:
If your brother’s always on the go, he’s probably always running out of battery. This portable charger is environmentally friendly and will pair perfectly with those brand-new AirPods he loves so much.


1. A super-hydrating skincare set:
Quick and easy products are perfect for moms who need to relax a little — okay, moms who need to relax a lot. Self-care is never out of style! We love this one from Kinship because it’s clean, cruelty-free and consciously packaged!

2. A genealogy kit:
Help your mom learn more about herself than ever before with an insightful gift like 23andMe. These kits are seriously-easy to use and are totally all the rage!

3. A meaningful piece of jewelry:
You can never go wrong with a beautiful birthstone ring! Each stone represents the birth month of you and your siblings. It’s a perfect way to make your gift pretty and sentimental. Trust us, she’ll definitely shed a few tears when she unwraps this one!


1. A streaming stick to match his new TV:
If your dad likes to kick back and binge the latest on Netflix, then this will be perfect. Maybe even offer to watch a movie with him, too! It’s a win-win for the whole fam.

2. Super-soft moccasins:
Nothing screams lazy Sunday like a new pair of slippers. These ones have ‘Dad’ written all over them, and they’ll bound to keep him farm and fuzzy all winter long.

3. An adventure-filled travel scratch map:
Does your dad loves telling stories about his adventures? Help him take a walk down memory lane, and keep track of all his future travels. This scratch map is fun, interactive, and decorative!

Don’t want to leave your BFF out of the gift-giving festivities? We’ve got you covered with the top presents for your bestie too!